Mock Offseason Version 5.0

College starts up again for me on Monday so my recreation time will be cut down enough that I am not going to have a ton of time to do another one of these before Free Agency and the Draft.

FREE AGENTS:(If my contract proposals are way off in terms of appropriateness, I am sorry)

  • Josh Johnson QB: I look at the available free agent QBs and when taking age, talent, and reality into account, Josh Johnson emerges to me as the best candidate for the backup QB job from the free agent market. He has some nice skills and already has some familiarity with the new QB Coach from his days in Tampa Bay. I could see a 2 year deal for ~$1.5 million as being a suitable contract.
  • Mario Manningham WR: Mario Manningham is a guy who is not going to be a #1 guy in the NFL, but can be a phenomenal #2 type receiver. Given the strong WR draft class, I think it is imperative not to be stupid and throw exorbitant sums of money at a free agent WR. Manningham will be substantially cheaper and will be an excellent addition to the team. I figure rather than throwing a 5 year deal for upwards of $40 million at a Bowe or Jackson, Manningham could probably be had for 4 years and ~$20-$22 million
  • Tracy Porter CB: I am not so sure how likely it is he will leave New Orleans, but I really like Porter as a CB. I think that given the uncertainty of a CB fitting value in the draft, the Jaguars would be smart to look at a "second tier" guy on the free agent market. Porter is due for a substantial pay increase, but I still think that 3 years for ~$11 million is a fair price for a player of his caliber.
  • Mario Williams DE: While I think Gene will be loyal to Mince and pay him at some ridiculous price, I think that Mario Williams is worth however much more it takes to get him. Dynamic pass rusher who could do absolute wonders for this defense by drastically improving the pass rush created by the defensive line. Obviously, he is not going to come cheap, and I am willing to accept that. He will probably look for a deal along the lines of 6 years and $70-$75 million if not a bit more. If that is what it takes, it might just be worth it.
  • Lofa Tatupu ILB: Behind Poz, there is really nothing in terms of depth at the ILB spot. Tatupu could potentially be had for cheap as he looks to re-establish himself in the NFL. I am thinking maybe 1 year for $2-$2.5 million should do it.


1.7: Riley Reiff OT Iowa - This is actually a really hard pick to make in my opinion. Coples is having a nice showing at the Senior Bowl, but I still think that everything said and done he s just going to be a little too risky of a pick to warrant the selection. I think the pick comes down to Reiff and Martin, and at this very moment I am more a fan of Reiff than of Martin. That could change, and then my pick would change, but either tackle appears to me right now as the likely picks based on talent and need.

2.6: Vinny Curry DE Marshall - I am a big fan of Curry's and think he will be a phenomenal player in the NFL. Call it a sixth sense, but ever since I have start paying serious attention to the draft, I have had a pretty solid record of knowing which early round 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB prospects will be good and which ones wouldn't.. Curry in my mind is going to be a very good player in the NFL, and coupled with Mario Williams(or even Mincey) would immediately boost the Jaguars "rushmen" to a new level.

3.7: Michael Brewster C Ohio State - I have a feeling Gene is going to fall in love with Brewster as a prospect and is going to be pleasantly surprised when Brewster is available with the 3rd round pick. While I am almost sure Gene will be looking WR in the 3rd(assuming he does not get one in the first two rounds), I am not sure value will match as well as Brewster matches at the pick.

4.6: Jarius Wright WR Arkansas - I think that Gene would prefer to find a guy like TY Hilton there, but I think he will manage to be taken by then, so Gene gets another good option at WR. Wright might be the quickest WR in the entire draft this year, and he should be able to stretch the field for this offense.

5.7: Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M - To be honest, I do not like Fuller all that much. Nothing about him, other than his size really makes me think he has much hope of doing well in the NFL. HOWEVER, I think that Gene Smith has taken a liking to this guy and will embrace the challenge of extracting the potential out of this kid. With a top WR coach, Gene might get his wish, since not too long ago Fuller was being thought of very highly.

6.6: Asa Jackson CB Cal-Poly - I am not sure I have any real justification for the pick. Jackson is a pretty talented CB who I happen to think might be a late round guy who contributes very nicely at the NFL level.

Partial Roster going into camp(includes resigned FAs and UDFAs in italics):

QB: Gabbert, Johnson, Corp

RB: MJD, Jennings, Karim, Harris, Jones, Owens, Bolen,

WR: Manningham, J. Wright, Fuller, Dillard, Shorts, Thomas, West, Price, Brazill, Tuinei

TE: Lewis, Miller, Cloherty, Potter, Chichester

OL: Monroe, Britton, Meester, Nwaneri, Rackley, Reiff, Bradfield, Brewster, Estes, Adams, Asper

DL: Alualu, Knighton, Williams, Curry, Douzable, Lane, Irvin, Chick, Jean-Baptiste

LB: Poz, Session, Smith, Allen, Bosworth, Tatupu, Trantin, Messina, Abreu

DB: Lowery, Landry, Cox, Middleton, Prosinski, Isaac, Coleman, Greene, Whitehead, Jackson, Rutland, Youboty

ST: Lanning, Scobee, Cain, Nortman

****I do realize the Jags go into this year without a #1 receiver, and so that is an obvious fault of this mock, but I stuck to value in the draft and what I perceived was fiscal responsibility in free agency. When I chose free agents, I did not realize that I would find better value in the early rounds when a potential #1 guy could be drafted.

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