1/29 Mock Offseason

Not the first, not the last. Some things have changed since I last mocked. First of all, after plenty of feedback on mocking trades, I'm no longer going to actually suggest the trades, but rather include a "Trade Bait" section. I've also sectioned things like "roster sleepers" in order to mention that I do think it's possible that certain players can make the team, but by still choosing who I like best on paper, right now.

Interested for the feedback. I think I did a pretty good job covering a lot of areas realistically while taking advantage of the value that was presented to me (I mocked alongside Drafttek's current CMD). Without futher ado:

Trade Bait:

Mike Thomas - A popular guy to throw around about trades right now. Having been one of the first to mention this, I think this is a very plausible scenario. A lot of times when you overhaul a weak position, as most of us are expecting this off season at WR, you gut out whoever your core guys were. Mike Thomas was not, by far, the best receiver on our team last year, and disappeared as soon as he got some big money. He's getting paid like a high-end number 2 receiver, and by the end of Free Agency he will be the 3rd best that we have, even if he gets back to where he left off in 2010. Also, right now his value is as high as it's going to get from here out. His number of targets are only going to get smaller the more guys we bring in and his value will plummet. I think we could get a 3rd-5th round pick for him with a little fishing at teams who need both a slot receiver and punt returner.

Eben Britton - Another guy getting paid like a starter who may not even have a place on our offensive line by preseason, depending on how well he has recovered. Truth be told, he's never been any good, and he's gotten injured too often for us to see if he will be. I could see a package deal with him and Mike Thomas to a team like the Bears who need receivers and Offensive Lineman. Let someone else gamble on his bill.

Kassim Osgood - Not a guy you can expect to get much for, but for a team that needs special teamers, he may be worth a late and/or conditional.

Zach Miller - I like Zach Miller and think there's a lot of potential. If he makes the team, I will be fine with it. I don't think we get a draft pick, but maybe a player for player trade for another project guy.


Jeremy Mincey: First, let him test the market. If he slips away and doesn't give us a chance to match there are other guys out there in Free Agency that can play the second DE role (addressing the 1st DE role in a minute). Don't break the bank on him. Something in the neighborhood of a 4 year, 18 million, 9.5 guaranteed.

Reshean Mathis: Not counting on this, but I think it would benefit everyone involved to throw the veteran minimum on a one year at him. It's win-win. If he sucks, he's probably still going to be better than Rutland at the bottom of the roster and if he's good, Mathis gets a second crack at FA and we have time to let a young corner develop for a year. My rationality is this - if we put in a bid for Bob Sanders at vet min., we should do the same for 'Shean.

Dwight Lowery: I love this guy. He's not a great player, but he doesn't do much bad. I expect a mid-grade starting safety sized contract.

William Middleton: Quality depth that we shouldn't let go of.

Russell Allen: More quality depth.

Leger Douzable: Can play well all over the line. Nothing special, but another important depth guy on our roster.

CJ Mosley: Good depth.

Nick Collins: Interesting guy. Seems to make the most plays out of all the depth guys on the defensive line, but isn't used often. Worth holding on to for now on a 1-year.

Brock Bolen: Every preseason he makes offensive plays. During the year, makes special teams plays. Decent blocker, but nothing special.

Free Agency:

WR, Dwayne Bowe/Vincent Jackson/Marquis Colston: We will have one of these three, without a doubt in my mind, as I don't see Wallace or Welker leaving. I think Bowe makes the most sense for us, though Jackson is probably the best choice. Bowe will be expensive, but not as expensive as Jackson, and I want to do some more shopping.

WR, Mario Manningham: A quality number 2 receiver that will get no better than number 3 in New York. I think he's highly underrated. He wont cost as much as somebody like Meachem will, and I think after getting a solid number 1 guy it will benefit us more to get a hands/route guy then a speed burner.

WR, Anthony Gonzalez: Gonzalez is a guy that will be available and cheap. He's a great talent, and if we can keep him healthy, he may be one of the steals of Free Agency. The only risk he presents is a roster spot if he gets hurt again. If fully recovered, he not only has the hands, but lots and lots of speed and a lot of upside.

OG, Carl Nicks: One of the prizes in Free Agency this year. We have guys that could do OK at guard next year. Bringing in a 26 year old premier Guard allows us the flexibility to move one of our guards to center, if necessary, and gives us a core piece on offense. We should go after him aggressively, as our line could use a pro-bowler.

QB, Chris Redman: I'll be honest, I like getting a Campbell or a Henne better if I'm looking for the best back up out there. Redman should be cheap, will have interest in re-joining Mularky and Mularky will have interest in him as he's trusted him as a backup before. Redman has always been a decent backup, and won't require a lot of coaches' time to learn the system, giving more coach time to Gabbert. With Redman, we could get by with only 2 QBs on the roster, again.

DE, Cliff Avril: We should still have enough money to accomplish this last Free Agent. Choosing Avril is a no-brainer similar to how Poz, Sessions and Landry were last year. Pairing Mincey and Avril will make both players' sack numbers rise.


1. OT, Riley Reiff: I have beaten the horse dead. By now, everyone knows I think this is the best choice.

2. CB, Stephon Gilmore: The amount of WR talent here is massive, but we got quite a few guys in Free Agency and there's going to be a lot of receivers that might have been 2nd round quality in other years, but because of depth could fall as far as 4th and 5th this year. With Gilmore, I got the guy who is tied for 2nd on my board for corners. He may need a year due to a lack of experience, but he has already shown he can play the position at a high level after making the conversion from Quarterback a few years ago.

3. DE, Cam Johnson: This is a "BAP" pick as I've got Johnson pretty high after being able to whoop up on Mike Adams. There should still be a lot of WRs still available, but I think Johnson is a guy that can get to that next level in time.

4. TE, Michael Egnew: Best tight-end in the nation when Gabbert was throwing at him at Mizzou. In the 4th, he would be a steal, and a legit weapon for Gabbert.

5. WR, Joe Adams: After the senior bowl, he may not fall this far (in which case the pick would probably be Broyles). Considering that there are easily 20 receivers that should be drafted by the 5th round, and up until the Senior Bowl he wasn't a popular name, AND he's a small guy in a crop of big receivers, he may actually fall this far. Adams would fit right in at slot.

6. WR, Marvin Jones: Again, may not fall this far, but with a deep class he may not be a favorite to many teams. Jones is another guy that doesn't have all the production, but has shown he has the talent.

7. P Shaun Powell: Big leg that we could use to start winning field possession, again.

You may have noticed there is no pick omitted for the Lowery trade. No one seems to know for sure which pick(s) we're losing. I picked all 7 rounds in anticipation of at least getting a late round pick for one of the trade bait guys.

UDFA Targets:

Quarterbacks - Should always be looking at UDFA Quarterbacks.

Fullbacks - Never know when we can find a young guy with the strengths of Greg Jones and Brock Bolen.

Centers - Until we find our next long term center, we should keep looking.

Linebackers - We need one more guy at linebacker depth. Preferably a guy who can play outside or middle, given Poz's recent surgery.

Safeties - We have good safeties, but not so good that we can't continue to shop around.

Final Roster

Offense (27)

QB: Gabbert, Redman

RB: MJD, Jennings, Harris (or Murphy), Owens

FB: Jones, Bolen

Feature WR: Bowe (or Jackson/Colsten), Gonzalez

Possession WR: Manningham, Dillard, Jones

Slot WR: Adams, Shorts

TE: Lewis, Egnew, Cloherty

LOT: Monroe, Bradfield

LOG: Nicks

C: Meester

ROG: Nwarni

ROT: Reiff

Offensive Lineman: Rackley, Spitz, Estes

Defense (23)

RDE: Avril, Johnson

LDE: Mincey, Lane

DT1: Knighton, Mosley

DT2: Alualu, Collins

Defensive Lineman: Douzable

MLB: Pozluszny, (UDFA?/Low end FA)

OLB: Smith, Allen

11th Defender: Coleman, Session

CB1: Cox, Mathis

CB2: Gilmore, Middleton

SS: Landry

FS: Lowery

Safeties: Prozinski, Trent

Special Teams (3)

K: Scobee

P: Powell

LS: Cain

Roster Sleepers:

John Chick - How much did his injury affect him?

Aaron Morgan

Kevin Haslam

Daniel Baldridge

Kevin Rutland

Ashton Youboty

Rod Isaac

David Garrard (just kidding)

One of our other WRs.

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