jags mock

ok this is my first mock so cut me a little bit of slack on this one but feedback is always welcomed

im going for a shocker in the first starting out with a suprising situation so if you like cookie cutter drafts dont even read this

with weedens strong week im going to go with a shocker here. i dont think washington will draft rg3 i think theyll wait until their second round pick to pick up weeden

now do i think this situation is likely doubt it but i have a gut feeling shannahan will want a veteran qb and the only veteran qb coming out of the draft is the 28 year old weeden lol

this leaves the jags with the option of someone trading up to get RG3

i think that team will be the seahawks giving up their first second and 6th

so here we go

#12 first round-Mike adams- another shocker. he is the best RT prospect in the draft and i have a feeling gene will draft somebody no one expects like he has done 2/3 years hes been GM. Isnt most everybody on draft day just sitting there 5 minutes after the pick saying "wow didnt see that one coming" i think Adams has the possibility to be that guy. Adams handled cople and upshaw every time he faced them and if gene doesnt think reiff or martin can be RT or if theyre gone(mostly i think theyll be gone) i have no doubt they draft a T in the first. Gene has placed all of his eggs in the blaine gabbert basket so hes gonna protect him first off.

second round-Juron Criner-i like him as a receiver would they draft him? probably not but hes a player i really like so i have to put him in here. Does nothing phenominal but does everything well(suspect hands sometimes though). in the senior bowl got targeted 6 times on one drive(with the QB missing 4 throws) the dude can just get open. a good Posession receiver at the next level.

(traded pick)second round-Vinny Curry-Good pass rusher not so hot against the run but will take over the role John Chick played this year and has the potential to be a double digit sack guy down the rode(maybe).

third round-Joe adams-He is a beast. He can return punts for us and be our slot receiver and just provide a spark for our team that we dont really have at the wideout spot. We over draft him in the third because he wont last until the fourth. Some better players on the board but the fact he can return punts and we could FINALLY have somebody thats a playmaker fielding punts makes him the guy

fourth round- Michael Egnew-blaine loved him and if he vouches for him i see them taking him to add yet another weapon to a crappy offense.

fifth round-Dwight bentley or a corner we've never heard of before- if dwight bentley doesnt last till the fifth i see the jags taking somebody we've probably never heard of from a D2 school. but i think we pick up a corner late in the draft. but if i were them at this spot i would take bentley to just add depth to a position that proved very injury prone last year

(traded pick)6th round-Tauren Poole-RB from Tennessee, think hed be a good guy to bring in to compete with dejuan harris for the third rb position. i think this draft will be offensive heavy so thats why i see a rb being taken this late. i would love Chris Rainey but i doubt after the combine he lasts till now when he runs a 4.2 something

7th round-Shawn Powell-no idea who theyre gonna take and nobody does but a punter is atleast a mildly logical choice when you have no idea whose gonna be there at this point. he competes and maybe beats out "whats his name" lol to win the starting punter spot

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