Jags offseason check list

Like everyone else with the Jags out of the playoffs i will take a look at getting ready for the 2012 season. Here is what i have envisioned thus far excluding H.C. because I'm going to assume whoever our new O.C. is will earn that title.

Offensive Coordinator

For starters we are going to need a new offensive coordinator. Of all of the people out their we will probably need to focus on someone who is also a quarterback coach so the can work with Gabbert. So with the announcement that the Jets O.C. will not be fired, along with Nurv Turner and Andy Reid, we are left with the following: O'Brian, from the Patriots; Mccoy, from the Broncos; Chudzinski, from the Panthers; Mularkey, from the Falcons; and Gruden, from the Bengals. All are legit O.C. options and may even get the chance to win the H.C. job.

Defensive Coordinator

There is a good chance Mel Tucker tests the waters to see if he can get a Head coaching gig somewhere. If he does not i see him coming back to his previous role as D.C. or be in the discussion for H.C. However if he leaves we will need a new D.C. Previous Head coaches Morris of the Bucs and Spagnolia of the Rams may be viable options, and hopefully we don't get Rob Ryan. The last thing we need is a loud mouth coach talking trash and getting us in hole


With the recent firing of many GMs, including the Pollians, i can't help but wonder if we don't see if we can pull any GMs in to the job. I'm not saying there is something wrong with Gene Smith, but if you bring in Chris Pollian, you will probably bring in a good, big named coach. Also questioning of Gene's drafting would be replaced by the confidence after the gold mine Pollian struck with Manning and the people around him. Yes I do know Smith received an extension but with a new owner we could try and go into another direction.

Free Agency

Last year we threw out money to fix our defense, now its time to do the same with our offense. I'm not aware of many Offensive linemen on the Free agent market but i would not be surprised if we get some veterans to protect Gabbert a little better next year. And of corse then we have the WR position which outside of Thomas, who is a good slot just not a number 1, we need to bring in some people. Dwayne Bowe, Harry Douglas, Steve Johnson, and a handful of other receivers are going to be free agents, not to mention there is now a chance the jets could release Santonio Holmes. Outside of that maybe another corner to help depth and then another DE to put on the opposite side of MIncey to solidify the front line, preferably someone like Cliff Avril.


Lastly we have the Draft. Yes i still think we have a shot to still land Blackmon. Luck will be the first pick followed by Kalil, RG3, Richardson, Claiborne, and possibly Martin (OT for Stanford), granted these are in no particular order. This will mainly pend no the Redskins and partly what they do in Free Agency , if they can get someone like Holmes, and if RG3 is still on the board. Granted if Landry Jones is available and shows a lot in the combine they could take him assuming RG3 is gone. But if we can't land Blackmon or Claiborne we should trade down and get more picks and Kendal Wright will still be available, outside the first round i think we take more receivers, like Toon from Wisconsin, and O-linemen. Yes i do not believe we should use another top ten pick on a QB i will continue to believe in Gabbert until he has failed with actual people to throw to.

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