Which RECEIVERS do we keep? Stats to follow

I based my post on an article the intrepid Rhett found and fanshotted about who got the dropsies in our receiving corp.

I thought drops without knowing the times the reciever was targetted are pretty useless so I looked it up.

Many people are mocking us multiple WRs in the draft and free agency but how about a tight end?

Lewis was the biggest culprit and drop off from last year with 10 drops by himself. A pass catching tight end could be more of a need than a WR? Give us two tightend sets and competition for the complacent Marcedes.

We have to keep some of these muppets but which ones?

'Maybe Mike Thomas didn't have such a bad year if you compare the stats that follow? How important is his $18m contract?

Maybe, based on the stats, Chastin West could have been targeted more? And kept?

How about Robiskie and Price? Better the devil you know with Hill and Dillard or should we punt on the great unkown of the first two?

How important is Osgood on specail teams? Is he untouchable?

Does the rookie Shorts deserve another year? He's the same age as 4 other recievers?


I assume in the next offseason we get 3 newbies so we need three or four of the current WRs... and a catching tight end?

Maurice Jones-Drew: 43 receptions 3 drops = 6.7% drops
8.7yds/rec, 3TD,(Exp, 7, 26 yrs, 5ft7in, 210lb) big contract

Chastin West 13 receptions 1 drop = 7.5% drops
12.5 yds/rec,1 TD (Exp2, 24yrs, 6ft1in, 214lb)

Mike Thomas: 44 receptions 5 drops = 10% drops
9.4 yds/rec, 1 TD (Exp 3, 24yrs, 5ft9in, 198lb) big contract

Deji Karim: 14 recs, 2 drops = 12% drops
8.6yds/rec (Exp 3, 25yrs, 5ft8in, 209lb) rookie contract

Jarred Dillard: 29 receptions 5 drops = 14% drops
10.1yds/rec, 1 TD (Exp 3, 26yrs, 5ft10, 187lb) rookie contract

Jason Hill: 25 receptions, 5 drops = 17.5% drops
14.5yds/rec, 3TD (24yrs

Marcedes Lewis: 39 receptions 10 drops = 20% drops
11.8yds/rec, 0TD (27yrs,6ft6in, 275lb) big contract

Kasim Osgood: 5 receptions, 2 drops = 28% drops

8.4yds/rec, 0TDs (Exp9, 31yrs,6ft5in, 220lb)

Cecil Shorts: 2 receptions 2 drops = he drops HALF his passes
15yds/rec, 1 TD (Exp 1, 24yrs, 6ft, 193lb) rookie contract

Brian Robiskie: -------------(Exp 3, 24yrs, 6ft3in, 209lb)

Taylor Price:------------------(Exp 3, 24yrs, 6ft, 205lb)

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