Jags Mock 2.0

1st Round- Dre Kipatrick CB Alabama 105779660_display_image_medium

- Kirkpatrick is a large very physical corner who can press and play man to man very well. He has very fluid hips and can come up in run support. He is 6'3 200 lbs and can run very fast and move very quick for his size. I think this pick will come down to him or Jeffrey. The thing that makes me believe Dre will be the pick is the depth of the FA and draft class at WR. In a division with Manning/Luck, Locker, and the Texan Trio at QB, Pass coverage is very important. Cox and Kirk would fit right in.

2nd Round- 2913102_medium

Dwight Jones WR UNC- Jones is a deep threat and really broke out last year when Greg Little was released from the program. He is 6'4 230 and paired with a Dwayne Bowe, Desean Jackson, or Stevie Johnson in FA could really bolster this receiver core. He has great hands and runs a great fade route in the endzone. He is also very elusive with the ball in his hands in getting YAC. Jones is also a great WR on third down making most of his TDs and yards on 3rd.

3rd Round-


Matt Reynolds OT BYU- Reynolds is a very tough player on the field. He is not the fastest workout guy, but he gets the job done. The perfect example of this is his helmetless block vs. Tulsa. He loses his helmet and lays out a DE trying to get to the QB. He projects as a RT on the line and could move inside if he adds a little size with Britton starting at the other. He uses his hands very well and has been a team leader and captain for the BYU team the past couple of years.

4th Round- 996603_medium

Jake Bequette DE Arkansas- Jake has been injury plagued much of his senior season after a break out Junior season. He did finish with 10 sacks though on the season playing in 10 games. He finished with 2 vs. Kansas St. He uses his hands very well in pass rush and read and reacts well in the run. He gets to the outside and can lay the wood on QBs. Just ask Connor Shaw. I could see Bequette starting opposite Mincey in 1-2 years.

5th Round- 925527_medium

Jarius Wright WR Arkansas- The speedy reciever from Arkansas will fit in nicely with the Jags and will give Gabbert a good wide reciever to throw to on 1st downs. Wright can make things happen in space and has great speed. He would improve the will-be restocked WR corps for the Jags.(Didn't intend for 2 Arkansas players to back to back)

6th Round- Florida_state_punter_medium

Sean Powell P FSU- Powell can flip the field every time he punts. He averages almost 50 yards a punt and is a real weapon for FSU this past season. Rugby or traditional this is your guy.

Thats it. Go Jags

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