I heard Mularky on the radio this morning say that he would like Gabbert to be more patient in the pocket at times. Obviously, this would be done in an effort let things develop down the field. Anyone that watched the protection Sunday would agree that it wasn't our O-line's best game ever. With that said, Mularky's input sounded very familiar.

- Mel Kiper (Draft Day, 11') - "He runs that 4.6 40 so you would think he is tremendously mobile, but I didn't think he was. I don't think he has awareness in the pocket. I don't think he utilizes the pocket that well. He bailed on that pocket too much, in my opinion."-

I don't know about any of you, but I'm tired of seeing Greg Jones continue to be one of the go to receivers on this team. It's pretty easy to not throw interceptions when you constantly throw dump offs to running backs and fullbacks. Is it really a combination of things regarding the Jaguars' inability to throw it down the field (that pass to Blackmon that turned into a pick was ugly)? Maybe he isn't throwing it down the field for a reason. He wasn't very successful at this against Big 12 defenses at Missouri.

-Kiper (Draft Day 11') -"Throws of 15 yards or more against Big 12 competition, he is 38%"- (Pat Kirwan wrote that his completion % actually hovered around 30%)

3rd downs haven't been very good for this team. Not good at all. If you watched Gabbert at Missouri (I did not) you have seen this before.

-Kiper (Draft Day 11')- " On 3rd down, he (Gabbert) was 44.3%; Andrew Luck was 71%."-

That leads to an even bigger question: What did Gene Smith see in this guy to begin with? Was it his last season with Missouri when he led their high powered spread attack with 16 Td's and 9 ints? Was it his pocket presence? What about the offense he played in where completion percentages are inflated anyway?

I understand you just can't blame everything entirely on Gabbert and he has even improved some. There are other things at play. But at what point do you say that this may not be the guy? When will he flash SOMETHING? Anything?

You have Tannehill, in his 4th start, throwing for over 400 yards against a good defense with Brian Hartline as his #1 receiver. Brian Hartline.

Weeden looks like the future (even though he is already pushing 30) in Cleveland over the last 3 weeks. Last week he had a great game (over 300 yards) against the Ravens with pretty pathetic receiver play. That should have been a win for the Browns had it not been for Little's horrible drop in the end zone. I think he had 5 total drops.

We don't even have to mention Luck, Dalton, Newton, RGIII, Ponder, and Locker. All of these players have "flashed." Gabbert? So far he's been nothing but mediocre at best.

This franchise can't wait around for another Alex Smith to finally be a little better than mediocre in his 7th year. We don't have that luxury. (Kind of like when we didn't have the luxury to draft a punter in the 3rd round, but thats a different argument for another day)

Check out some of these statistics from Missouri. Looking back, maybe these should have been red flags.

- Gabbert ranked 7th in completion %, 8th in yards per attempt, 8th in TD:INT ratio, and 8th in passing efficiency. These aren't national statistics; this is just from the Big 12. (This info was taken from an article written by Matt Hinton)

So to answer Alfie's question of "Where did it all go wrong?". Maybe it was never right to begin with. Maybe this QB was never any good from the onset.

If that's the case, blow it up from top to bottom. GM, Coach, QB...all of them have to go.

"I'm not trying to act giddy, but the guy is a stud". -- Terry McDonough on Blaine Gabbert after the draft.

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