An open letter to Shahid Khan: Time to Rebuild

Dear Mr. Khan,

I have been a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars since they received their expansion team nearly 20 years ago. I have stuck with the team through good times and bad.

And this is the worst team ever fielded in Jacksonville, bar none.

It's not that the entire team is bad. We have great elements. Maurice Jones-Drew is one of the great running backs of the game today, and Rashad Jennings has a chance to possibly equal his talent. And our defense has proven they can be dominant.

The problem is our completely impotent passing offense. And opposing defenses know this now. They know Blaine Gabbert won't do anything except the occasional fluke big play to Cecil Shorts III. For the large part, all defenses have to do is bottle up MJD and Jennings, and wear our defense down until they can score at will. THAT is why we look so bad. I'm not convinced it's entirely Gabbert's fault, but something needs to change.

Mr. Khan, I understand you have bought the team to advance Jacksonville as an elite NFL city. You didn't build the mess we are in now. But if we don't act fast, then the success we have seen in the stands thus far will not be sustained.

It's time to dismantle the mess and truly start realizing your vision. I would like to recommend a few steps that I think need to be taken:

1) Fire general manager Gene Smith. Now. We put our trust in him, and this is the thanks we get. It's time to select someone who will really build a team we can be proud of. The bye week presents the perfect timing to begin that rebuilding process.

2) Fire offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, and order head coach Mike Mularkey to take over offensive play-calling with the understanding that his HC job is not secure for next year. Mularkey worked wonders in recent years in charge of the Atlanta Falcons offense and quarterback Matt Ryan. Why he hasn't already taken it over here yet is beyond me.

3) Order Blaine Gabbert benched. For as bad as our passing offense is, where is our backup quarterback, Chad Henne? Gabbert needs to sit out for a little bit and figure out the passing game from the sidelines, or at the very least get a breather. If he keeps getting pushed around like this, he's going to end up turned into David Carr: nothing more than a glorified punching bag in the offensive backfield.

I am certain that there are many other holes that need to be patched right now, but the coaching situation is most important. Please, Mr. Khan, show us your commitment to the team. Get the rebuilding process started now.

Thank you for your attention.

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