Potential Candidates to replace Gene

If you have been visiting the site as of late, you probably have seen that I have been posting fairly often with regards to the future of this team. Just last week I posted about what I am looking for in the next GM of this team.

What I figured I would do now is put together a list of some of the more intriguing candidates (in my opinion at least) out there to replace Gene Smith as General Manager, should he get fired at the end of the season. It is obviously not all inclusive, but I figure that it is a good variety of people that Khan and his crew should consider.

Candidate #1: Omar Khan

Other than the fact that it would be pretty awesome for the owner and GM to share a last name, Omar Khan appears to be a very appealing candidate for the position of General Manager. First and foremost, he would be coming over from the Pittsburgh Steelers, which is one of the premier franchises in the NFL that has managed to put good teams on the field year in and year out. Furthermore, Khan has served as Director of Football and Business Administration, and has been the chief negotiator for the Steelers. This shows a "versatility" aspect to Khan and shows that unlike a guy such as Gene Smith, he is more than just a personnel guy; this is one of the most important aspects of a new GM in my opinion.

If I had to get picky and find a flaw with him, it would be that to the best of my knowledge he really has no experience with personnel and scouting which could pose an issue if he took on a GM position.

Candidate #2: Marc Ross

A hot name that has been thrown around, Ross currently serves as the Director of College Scouting for the NY Giants. Perhaps the most successful team at drafting as of late, it is almost a given that Ross is looking to take the next step and prove himself as a General Manager.

The major knock (which in other ways is a positive in my opinion) is working under Jerry Reese, one of the best if not the best in the business. On the one hand, when working with a guy like Reese, is it possible that Reese is the real reason behind the Giant’s doing so well in the draft, and Ross is not really much a standout at his job. On the other hand though, learning from such a great General Manager could only help this guy in the future. After all, Reese himself is a student of Ernie Accorsi.

Candidate #3: Mike Maccagnan

Similar to Marc Ross, Maccagnan is a Director of College Scouting, but in this case it is for the Houston Texans. He has served primarily as a scout and only assumed his current position in the summer of 2011, but he has been with the Texans organization since 2000 and has been there through the bad years as well as the recent years when Houston has managed to build itself into a top tier team in the NFL.

While this is purely speculation on my part, I notice he has an bachelors in Economics, and so while he may not have experience in the administrative side of football, I might suggest that he certainly has the mind and the background to succeed in those aspects of the job of GM.

Candidate #4: David Caldwell

Thomas Dimitroff is a guy who right now may not be appreciated as much as he should be. Truth be told, he is the kind of GM I would love to see come in to Jacksonville and try to turn this team around. Being employed as the GM for the Atlanta Falcons, I figure that his Director of Player Personnel might be a good fallback option. Caldwell is only in his first year with this title, but he previously served as Director of College Scouting.

To touch on a similar point as I did above with Maccagnan, Caldwell has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance/Business Administration.

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