I am a LiberBLAINEian.

Yes, I both realize and appreciate how curious you must have been to click on something with such an awful reach for a metaphor in the title. But allow me to explain.

In the comments section here on BCC, it has become far too trendy to accuse/label someone of being a "_____ supporter" or a "______ hater." From Garrard to Tebow, Gabbert, M80, Prosinski, Blackmon, Gene Smith...and now Gabbert all over again. Hey, if you want to join sides that's perfectly fine, but it doesn't mean everyone else does too. There can be more than 2 opinions.

It really reminds me of how people handled this most recent election. Times have been hard and there's a lot on the line with the our future, so naturally people will get a little heated. But as someone who thought neither guy was good for the role, I was constantly misunderstood. Anyone who heard me discuss my satisfaction for one would label me to the other. Then came the "oh you probably think blah blah blah, too." It was hard for some people to understand anything other than red or blue.

And that's where we're at with the Jaguars. Times are getting tougher for Jags fans, and many of us feel a lot on the line. We are broken hearted because even if it was a lame marketing trick, we bought it up. We were "All In", and most of us thought we were ready to take that corner. Instead, well we all know what happened instead. The point is, I think a lot of us are still holding on to the hope that (insert excuse) is the reason we have sunk and not swam. Others believe we are even worse than what our record says and we will need 5 more years to be back on track. The truth probably lies in between.

The argument of are we good vs are we bad, has quite a bit to do with Blaine Gabbert, if not entirely. I am not here to rehash every phase of the argument or jump ships or even debate the issue. I want to wait and see what happens. If Henne is Kurt Warner over night, then AWESOME. I predict he will have a Luke McCown vs the Jets kind of outing sooner than later (maybe even Titans?), but I'm not so committed to Blaine that I want Henne to fail.

I don't believe Blaine is as bad as some people do, but I'm not a Gabbert lover.

I don't believe Blaine is as good as some people do either, but I'm not a Gabbert hater.

I am a LiberBLAINEian.

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