Mock Offseason: Take #2

Since the mock offseason I put out a few weeks ago, I have changed my opinion regarding the direction this team should take moving forward, and so I figured that now, as my final semester of college comes to a close, I could afford to put out a new mock offseason. It will not be as comprehensive as or formatted like my first one, but I think it might be a better approach to getting my thoughts out there.

Before I actually put it out there, let me preface by saying I greatly welcome critiques. I believe it was last week that I got into an argument with someone on the site about my general distaste for other people's mocks; while that is not always the case, when I do find something wrong, I am not afraid to say what is on my mind, and I hope none of you are either (unless you will get in trouble for saying what is actually on your mind).

THE OFFENSE: This may sound a bit cliché, but this offense is offensively awful. As I have pointed out, blaming it on the OC is a really easy way out, but the reality is that this team is just terribly lacking talent-wise when it comes to the offense. Having said that, I have spent some time thinking about Bratkowski, and I definitely would not be opposed to having him out as OC at season's finish. As for whom the new OC should be, it is obviously in the hands of the HC, but I will say that if he gets fired, I would LOVE to see Norv Turner as OC. I also might not mind seeing Andy Reid as the OC/QB coach in a new regime.


As bad as the QB situation is right now, I am not entirely sure that this team NEEDS to draft a QB this coming year. While I cannot say I am opposed to doing so, I think it could be argued that improving the offensive line is more important, and that perhaps giving a healthy Gabbert a year behind a better offensive line is not a terrible idea. At this point, I feel like Gabbert has not shown himself to be a capable QB, but I also think that perhaps better protection can help Gabbert improve.

  • 2nd round: Mike Glennon QB NC State - As of this point in time I have Smith, Barkley going as the top 2 QBs, and Tyler Wilson penciled in as the 3rd QB. I think that those 3 will find their way off the board in the first round, which leaves Glennon as the top QB available with the Jags' second rounder. While I did mention that I think getting a QB is not a must, I think that a guy like Glennon or Wilson makes a lot of sense if available at the top of the second round. A legitimate competition for the starting job would follow.


The more I think about it, the more I actually think I might be opposed to trading MJD. With what will potentially be a rookie QB starting next year, having a good running game can only help out the QB. So, if a trade opportunity presents itself that could net the Jaguars a draft pick that can be used on a RB this team feels confident can be an excellent player who can carry the load immediately in his rookie year, then I would not be opposed to that deal being made, but otherwise I think MJD would be very useful to the rookie QB and the rebuilding offense. Other than that, improving the backup RB is a good idea, and I am not opposed to lessen the role of FB and let Jones walk.

  • Free Agency: Brandon Jacobs - while I primarily think the offensive line woes are to blame for the poor showings from the backup RBs this season, Brandon Jacobs is better than all these backups used so far, and almost definitely doesn't re-sign in SF where he has made his unhappiness well known. If the offensive line gets better, I think that an MJD-Jacobs duo would be a really phenomenal duo and could really help open up a passing game for this team.
  • 6th round: Kyle Juszczyk FB/TE Harvard - in reality, I do not think FB warrant a draft selection. However, Juszczyk is a nice hybrid-type who can be serviceable as a FB AND TE. Smart dude (math major @ Harvard) who makes a ton of sense in the 6th round if he falls that low.


For the most part, I like this group of wide receivers and would be fairly comfortable, especially considering all else wrong with this team, to go into next season with the same group of receivers. I am certainly not enamored by the early round WR prospects, but some of the later round guys are interesting enough that it might make sense in my opinion to take a flyer on one of the big WRs in the later rounds. The only way I see getting a new WR as almost a must is if Laurent Robinson can't come back from the multiple concussions and this team gets rid of him. Other than that, while I do think he is overpaid, he certainly should be alright as a top 3 WR with what I can only hope is improved QB play.

  • (If Laurent is not to be relied upon) 7th round: Marcus Davis WR Virginia Tech - 6'4 230+ and what can very well prove to be a sub 4.50 40-time. Hearing that and you will agree that having drop to the 7th round might be quite optimistic on my part (I do not know a ton about him, so I am basing this on what I have read online about his draft projection). In the end though, this guy seems to me to be a lower round guy who has the measurable to become a very good receiver. Without Laurent, brining him in seems like a great move.
  • (Regardless of Laurent) Consider potential UDFAs like T.J. Moe and Marquise Goodwin - this team is lacking dynamic and versatile players. Guys like Moe and Goodwin can go undrafted and in my opinion can present enormous upside for UDFAs. Moe has shown his ability at Mizzou, and ignoring the fact that Goodwin is also an Olympic athlete, the guy is extremely fast and has big play ability.


I like what this team has right now at TE. Marcedes is not Gronkowski or Graham, but he is still an exceptional player who can be a major contributor to this offense. Behind him, I think that between a guy like Matt Veldman hopefully staying healthy and improving and the new FB/TE, a good enough core will exist at the position.

  • 6th round: Kyle Juszczyk FB/TE Harvard - I already have him down under the FB category, but he still warrants mention under the TE category. He is a bit small to be a conventional TE, but he showed the ability in college, albeit for Harvard, to be an effective receiver, as he led the team in receiving yards and TDs this season.


Last but not least on the offensive side is what I would suggest is the most pressing issue this offseason. As I look at the line right now, I see a team with a LT, a RG, and an aging C who I would not bring back as the starter next year. Luckily I think there is a good shot that the new C (I say Brewster) and future LG (I can hope it is Rackley) are on this roster already. The big void is at RT, and it is imperative that this team find themselves a good RT. Better depth would also be a plus, but with all the injuries, it is possible guys like Nowak and Spitz are solid depth players for the interior line.

  • Free Agency: Andre Smith - given the needs of this team, and the quality of talent at RT on the market, I think that going after a free Agent like Andre Smith is a smart move. He is establishing himself as an excellent RT, and might very well re-sign in CIN, but in my opinion he is the #1 option this team should target to play RT. The guys I would pursue if Smith stays in CIN are Sebastian Vollmer and Phil Loadholt.
  • Free Agency: John Estes - I notice he is a RFA. With the uncertainty of exactly who will be taking over the C spot, bringing him back to compete is a wise move. Worst comes to worst I see him as a good backup C.
  • 5th round: Manse Foketi OT West Texas A&M- the depth at OT also needs improving, and in Foketi the Jaguars actually get a guy who in time could be a starter at RT should the FA market not work out for them.

THE DEFENSE: Injuries have decimated the defense somewhat, but I still think that even a healthy unit would still have been at best 15th-20th in the league. While I would suggest there is more talent on the defensive side of the ball, this team is still lacking talent, and primarily in the front 7 positions. Given the defensive talent pool available in the draft, and even the talent already on this team, I am definitely in favor in looking to switch to a 3-4 scheme. As for the DC, obviously it is safe to say he very well could be out at season's end, and I won't lose sleep if it happens.


This position is the reason I am so in favor of switching schemes. The D-Line players on the roster right now seem to fit so much more in a 3-4 scheme if you ask me; Alualu has been a disappointment at DT in the 4-3, and he played his best in college as a DE in the 3-4 alignment, Mincey and Lane seem to me like excellent options to play DE opposite Alualu (or together if Alualu still disappoints). I also think Mosley could be an excellent DE candidate for this team if it moves to the 3-4. As for the NT spot, I definitely like Pendleton as a depth player; as for the starter, I am thinking the free agent market is the better place to get one this year, even if it is only a short term player.

  • Free Agency: Isaac Sopoaga - the guy is currently the starting NT for perhaps the best defense in the entire NFL right now. He is 31, and with a guy like Ricky Jean-Francois sitting there behind him on the depth chart, I could see the 49ers letting him hit the open market. I think he is the best option for the Jaguars, despite already being 31 and not likely being a long term solution.
  • 4th round: Daniel McCullers NT Tennessee - the dude is a monster simply put; the Vols list him at 6'8 360. He is definitely raw, but I think that coming in and sitting behind Sopoaga could help get him ready to take over at NT when the time comes.


Pass rush woes hopefully are going to be over after making over the "DE/OLB" position in this 3-4 defense. Some excellent talent is there early in the draft for the spot. As for the ILB spot, I think that Daryl Smith, should he be brought back could fit nicely on the inside of a 3-4 defense. The other spot would likely be Poz's, and Stanford and Allen seem like suitable depth players.

  • 1st round: Dion Jordan DE/OLB Oregon - what is there not to like about a 6'6 245 sub-4.7 40 DE/OLB? I will not claim this guy is the next Reggie White and will magically fix all that is wrong with this team, but I legitimately think this guy is the total package; he rushes the passes, plays the run well, drops into coverage.
  • Free Agency: John Chick - this is obviously just bringing back one of our own, but it is a move I think definitely should be done. While I do not think Chick is an every down guy, he is great situational player who can come in to effectively rush the passer.
  • Free Agency: Daryl Smith - I just don't think the team should let such a talented linebacker leave in free agency, especially considering the fact that there isn't someone younger just waiting to take over.


I am very unhappy with the play this team has gotten form the CBs. I understand there have been injuries, but even when healthy, the play of some of these guys has been unsatisfactory. I think a major infusion of talent is in order, both through free agency and the draft.

  • Free Agency: Sean Smith - I am dead serious when I say this team needs an infusion of talent. This is exactly why I think the Jags should pursue the guy who in my opinion is the #1 CB on the market. His play has tailed off a bit this year, but I think that this is due to the absence of a good CB playing opposite him. If Smith is not available, I would consider guys like Tracy Porter and Derek Cox as the next tier of available CBs.
  • 3rd round: Logan Ryan CB Rutgers - this right here is a good ball player. I really like what I have seen out of Ryan and I think he could step in immediately and be he #2 CB on this team.


Landry/Lowery is not doubt an excellent tandem, and the S spot is probably the bright spot on the defense right now. The real issue is the depth behind these guys; simply put, Chris Prosinski has no business seeing the playing field and if he does it should only be on special teams.

  • Free Agency: Jim Leonhard - I like Leonhard and think he is an excellent option as a backup S for this team. The way I see it, anyone but Prosinski as the primary backup S is an upgrade. Thankfully a guy who I actually think is a pretty decent player will likely be available on the free agent market.

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