Hurricane's 1st 2013 Mock Off Season

I know that I posted a mock draft last time. I got a comment about Free Agency, which is where I got the idea to expand and do a full off season instead.

Owner Shahid Khan has made it clear that he wants to win, and I'm sure Mike Mularkey does too. The players would like to win, and some deserve to win the Super Bowl (Not many, but there are a few, Center Brad Meester and OLB Daryl Smith just to name two). I know us fans are getting tired of the current trend, and I don't blame y'all. It has gone on for far too long.

General Manager

We keep Gene Smith on for one more year. If he does a good job in Free Agency by getting good players but for a fair price, drafting good to elite players but getting good value for depth, and signing good undrafted rookies like Julian Stanford and Mike Brewster. Then, if we make the playoffs, he stays. If not, his head will be the first to roll and it will roll cross country, all the way to Nome Alaska.


The coaching hasn't been great, and we do need to upgrade in some areas. Offensive Coordinator is one of the areas. I say we fire Bob Brakowski and hire Cam Cameron. As of right now, he is still available.

I also think that the Offensive line Coach Andy Heck (cool name if I may add) also needs replaced. Clearly what he has done has not helped. Yes, he has helped Eugene Monroe become the dominate LT we all wanted, but he has failed to do that at the other positions. We need the O-line to work as a well oiled machine to give the QB all the time they need, but the O-line isn't doing that except for Monroe. The other young guys have been inconsistent. Good sometimes, but bad so many other times. This is one area that I would be lenient on because of all of the injuries. I mean, how can an O-line function properly when everyone is injured? But maybe the new O-line coach has tricks he can teach these players that would help keep them healthy. I'm going to choose Juan Castillo to be the new Offensive line Coach. He spent 13 years as the Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line Coach and helped them get them to the Super Bowl.

I suppose it is now time to move on from Defensive Coordinator Mel Tucker. I like Tucker, but the Defense did not do well in 2010 or this year so far. Some people thought that we should blow up the organization and start fresh, but I'm not as harsh because I feel that we already have some good pieces, we just need more of them. The thing is, this isn't out of the question since Tucker has been offered a job at Wisconsin, which he is highly considering. Which means, we may have to replace him with out firing him.

Monte Kiffin has resigned from USC. I'm not really certain how successful USC's Defense has been, but so far, he is the only candidate that I know of who is available to replace Tucker should he leave. Kiffin also wants to return to the NFL.

That's all for coaching changes. I hope that we can make the playbook better, improve diversity of the playbook, get the TEs more involved, and continue to work on improving at executing plays that we already have in the playbook.

Free Agency

Now this is where the fun begins. I don't expect us to have as much cap room as we had the past two seasons, but still enough to sign one or two players who should make an impact.

Our Free Agents

FB Greg Jones: Resign 2 year $3.5 Million Greg Jones is a great blocker and nasty FB, a young RB needs good blockers.

C Brad Meester: Don't resign (I like Meester, but he costs so much. If he would be willing to restructure his contract, I'd be fine with it). Not resigning him will save us $2.5 Million nest season at least.

G Eben Britton: Don't Resign. A waste of money and a roster spot. We can do better. Not resigning Britton will save us at least $1,145,000 next year.

DT Terrence Knighton: Resign. Knighton has done well enough in his career to be resigned. 3 years, $3 Million.

CB Derek Cox: Resign. Cox is our best CB, he just needs to stay healthy, which is why I would offer him a new contract with a small raise for him doing a good job when he's healthy, but not too much to where I loose a lot of money if he gets hurt again. 4 years, $3.5 Million.

CB Reshean Mathis: Don't Resign. We don't resign Mathis because it is time to find someone new. We save at least ≈$2 Million.

RB Rashad Jennings: Don't Resign. Jennings has been relatively ineffective as a starter. We need a better young RB. We save at least $447,112.50 next year.

LB Kyle Bosworth: Don't Resign. Bosworth is a pretty good back up, but that is all he can do right now in his career. We save at least $ 409,166.67 next year.

DE/DT John Chick: Resign. I would resign Chick for depth at the right price. 2 Years, $870,000.

G Steve Valos: Resign. Valos provides depth, and that is good in case a similsr thing happens next year at the G position. 1 year, $725K.

CB Antwan Moldon: Resign. We need depth at CB in case of injuries. 1 year, $700K.

QB Jordan Palmer: Don't Resign. Palmer is only a third string QB for us but could be a second string for another team. We will save at least $615K next year.

WR Quan Cosby: Don't Remsign. This was a desperation move by Gene Smith to patch the Punt/Kick Returner on ST. We will save another $615K next year.

DE George Selvie: Don't Resign. As much as I was impressed with Selvie, he could be used more by some other team. We will save at least $540K next year.

TE Zach Potter: Don't Resign. We can get a better TE in the draft. We save another $540K next year.

WR Jordan Shipley: Resign. Shipley could be the #4 WR. 1 year, $470K

RB Jordan Todman: Don't Resign. To far in the depth chat to where he is expendable. We save $390K.

Other Free Agent Signings

LB Justin Durant: 3 year, $3,75M

WR Stepfan Logan: 2 year, $1.25M

CB Will Allen: 3 Year, 3.25M

S Mark LeGree: 1 year, 400K

OT Ryan Clady: 2 year, 2M

RB Jonathan Dwyer: 2 year, 1.4M


S Chris Prosiniski

CB Kevin Ruttland

OL Austen Paztour

LB Kyle Bosworth

2013 NFL Draft

Jaguars receive the 2nd overall pick. Someone jumps ahead of the Jaguars to draft the player the Jags wanted, say Jarvis Jones, with the first overall pick. So, the Jaguars trade back to get the 11th overall pick and then trade back again with the Steelers (Suppose the Steelers get the Sixth Seed in the playoffs, barely, and receive the 20th overall pick). Eric Reid does well enough to move up and warrant a top 15 pick. The Steelers want Reid to replace Troy Polamlu after 2013, since Troy's contract expires. Reid is a very good FS, but can use the veteran help of Polamalu to help fix some of his weaknesses, like controlling his aggressiveness.

The Jags receive the 11th overall pick plus a second and third rounder for our 2nd overall pick. Steelers give us a second rounder and a fourth rounder for our 11th overall pick.

Round 1 20th Overall: Barrett Jones OL Alabama

Round 2 34th Overall: Zach Ertz TE Stanford

Round 2 39th Overall: Desmond Truefant CB Washington

Round 2 44th Overall: Justin Hunter WR Tennessee

Round 3 66th Overall: Montee Ball RB Wisconsin

Round 3 84thOverall: Akeem Spence DT Ilinois

Round 4 97th Overall: Travis Long OLB Washington State

Round 4 117th Overall: D.J. Swearinger FS South Carolina

Round 5: 135th Overall: Rick Wagner OT Wisconsin

Round 6 166th Overall: Devin Taylor DE South Carolina

Round 7 199th Overall: Sean Renfree QB Duke

Notable Undrafted Free Agents

WR Jasper Collins Mount Union

WR T.J. Moe Missouri

FB Zach Boren Ohio State

RB Washaun Ealey Jacksonville State

OT Mark Jackson Glenville State

TE Matt Furstenburg Maryland

DT David King Oaklahoma

OLB John Lotuelei UNLV

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