Let me give this a try...Mock Draft

Okay, a lot will change between now and the draft. But, it is my opinion that we need to get the offensive and defensive lines upgraded and fast. I don't believe we need a QB...yet. I think we give Gabbert another year to continue his development, especially in light of the fact that there is not a QB out there that appears to be a franchise, instant impact type so I propose we build the rest of the team and see what happens.

So, with the second pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select

1) Bjoern Werner - DE - FSU

The Jags have been nothing short of pathetic at getting to the QB for years. It handcuffs the secondary and doesn't allow the offense to have enough opportunities during the course of a game. Werner will bring instant intensity off the edge and he plays the run really well as an added bonus!

2) Sharif Floyd - DT - Florida

I would have liked to have gotten MJD's replacement in Gio Bernard here, but I think he will go to Cincinnati in the first round. Knighton and Alualu have been absolutely dominated on the inside. The Jaguar defense has been dominated up the middle by the opposition's running attack and neither player takes on multiple blockers to allow the linebackers to make plays at or behind the line of scrimmage. Floyd has the size to go along with athleticism and motor to be just what the doctor ordered.

3) Travis Swanson - C - Arkansas

Brad Meester's career is winding down and I don't think Brewster is the answer long-term. Swanson anchored a really strong offensive line that competed very well against ACC competition despite having an interim coach and controversy around the program. Swanson is a pile driver and is agile enough on pass protection as well. He could be the next guy to snap the ball for the next ten years.

4) Andre Ellington - RB - Clemson

Tough, shifty runner that can catch the ball out of the backfield and can return punts and kickoffs. He can give MJD a blow and not have a huge drop off. He comes from a high powered offense and will be able to contribute right away.

5) Brennan Williams - RT - North Carolina

Williams may not fall this far. I hope he does as he would be a steal with a top fifth round pick. He is a monster at 6-7 325 with. Good feet. He comes from an offense that was fast paced in 2012 putting up numbers comparable to Clemson, Oregon and West Virginia. He blocked for one of the top backs in the country in Gio Bernard. The thing that may allow him to drop this far is that he missed the last three games of the year with a torn labrum. Not sure if he will be ready to lift at the combines, but would be a great pick up at this spot.

6) Justin Gilbert - CB - Oklahoma State

A big corner that held his own against some of the top passing attacks in the nation. Not optimal speed and would likely start in a nickel slot and on special teams. Also supports the run very well for a corner.

7) Anthony Rashad White - DT - Michigan State

Another that may not make it this far, but he could and if he does it would be a great pick. He is a space eater with surprising quickness for a man his size. A little raw but there is a lot to work with.

I didn't take any WRs. We likely need one, but I just felt the lines are so vital to start rebuilding that I wanted to start with that right away. Obviously free agency will play a role in what we do in the big picture, but the draft is something we control, and I think it is important to take advantage of that.

Notice I took guys from major schools that played against top competition week in and week out. I felt that was important for linemen to be able to assess their abilities and transition to the pros. Well, have at it...

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