A letter to Mr. Khan

As a new owner and not a "football guy", I think you did the right thing.. You listened to everyone around you, the owner, the GM, etc.. on where the team was going and what they would like to do. Let the GM hire a coach of his choosing, and try to complete the rebuilding of this team. Because the team was in the 4th year of a major rebuild and it could be just on the cusp of something good and why ruin that ? I will admit, I too bought into the positive vibe... so no one can blame you for letting it ride for a season.

Well, now we have 4 games left in that season and obviously we weren't near as good as you had been told we would be. The turn around mid-season, was a disaster, and the team overall is horrible. I now know what my Lions and Browns fans have felt like for the last few Decades.. and it sucks.

This team can not seem to shake the injury bug, its like a curse over this team the last few years. All I do know there is something that needs to be addressed in that dept.

The play calling has been as pedestrian as you can get.. maybe that's influenced by lack of talent that the OC doesn't trust. Maybe its coaching and game planning.. whatever it is, it has been horrible.

This is a QB league.. and needless to say the jury maybe out on Gabbert, but I do not believe at this point he is ready to lead a team. Henne.. well we see that he is about as hit and miss as the rest of the team.

I was a supporter of Gene Smith, but the more I look back. He maybe a great evaluator of young talent from small schools, and he does seem to do a great job of finding players like Cox and Shorts. Yet, as an evaluator of first round talent he misses the mark. I also question his ability to value talent properly, especially in regards to losing picks and trading up for mediocre talent , when equal or superior talent would have been available if he had stayed at our pick. If we have a top 2 pick (which by all indications we will) we will need a new GM to make that choice..

Maybe its scouting staff, maybe its the GM, maybe its the coaching staff, maybe its the training staff, maybe its the equipment, maybe its the field, maybe its bad luck. I don't know. But as a fan since 1995, and a season ticket holder since 2008, let me be say, I fully support you blowing this team up from the inside out. For too many years we have seen this team flounder, and make changes here or there and no go anywhere.

I honestly feel its time to bring in an new GM, clean house, and evaluate everything and everyone from the water boy to the head coach, QB to punt returner, training and equipment staff to the scouting department. If the job has a direct relationship in anyway to the quality of the team, they should be evaluated. It's time to rebuild from the foundation up. Nothing says that more than having the worst record in franchise history and with only 4 games left, that's looking more and more like it will be reality.

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