My 2013 mock

Gm-Tom Gamble-He helped build an ELITE team in SF and can help out a lot here unlike Gene with a lot of misses they had a lot of HIT's over the years.

HC-Lovie Smith-A defensive minded coach can be a good thing for this team with a division with Andrew Luck,Arian Foster,CJ2K,and Andre Johnson a defensive minded coach can come in handy.

DC-Vic Fangio from SF maybe Gamble can convince him to come here. Look what he did with that 49ers D.

Free agents

1.Alex Smith Qb SF 49ers-Average Qb who will most likely be released this off season becuase Harbough want's his own young Qb of the future I guess. Smith won't be our franchise guy but will be able to help in the development of our young rookie Qb who I will get into in a bit in the Mock draft.

2.Sebastian Vollmer OT NE-Could be the answer for our RT position

3. Tracy Porter Cb DEN-I think Cox will walk he's not worth it he is injury prone and can never stay on the field we need a decent replacement for him.

4.Sheldon Brown CB CLE-Mathis doesn't deserve a contract his 10 years with the Jags was awesome but it's time to move on Brown is a young solid CB

5.Reggie Bush RB Mia- MJD and Reggie Bush would be a scary combo and MJD will slowly be phased out.

6- Michael Johnson DE Cin-A young DE stud who will help this pass rush a lot and should replace Mincey

7-Kevin Ogletree Wr DAL-Could be a #4 behind Blackmon CSIII and Shipley


"With the 2nd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select....Jarvis Jones LB University of Georgia".

1.Jarvis Jones OLB UGA-One of the FEW elite players in this draft. He will have the honor to be Daryl Smith's replacement.

2. Alex Okafor DE Tex-A good big strong DE who will phase out Babin or Mincey

3-Jesse Williams DT/NT Alabama-Pot Roast is most likely done being a Jag so we need a replacement,I doubt the Bears let Melton go so we need to pick one in the draft. Williams doesn't really offer a pass rush but he is a good run stopper and we need help in that catogory too.

4-Jordan Rodgers QB Vanderbilt-The brother of future HOFer Aron Rodgers is a solid QB,He is also more athletic than his big bro. He shouldn't start right away he still needs to learn and that is where Alex Smith comes in.He also is getting coached up by Aron Rodgers about his footwork.He is only 6'1 but Russel Wilson has proved size doesn't matter.

5-Marcus Lattimore RB SCAR- He can sit 2013 and become our #1 in 2014

I think this team can be at least an 8-8 team with a roster like this of FA and Draftees.

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