Hurricane's Mock 1.0

Hey y'all. I'm going to do a mock draft just for the Jags today. This off season I will do the full 7 round mock draft that I had promised. I have been to busy to do it. come February and March, I'll be less busy and will be able to spend more time on it. That will also allow that mock to be more accurate, since we will not see many giant leaps in the prospect rankings, and the draft order will basically be set in stone. Here's the mock:

Trade MJD to the Packers for a 3rd round pick (82nd overall). They need a consistent RB to take some of the pressure off of Aaron Rogers, plus he may get the Super Bowl Ring he deserves for the kind of production he's had his entire career.

Jags receive the 2nd overall pick, with the Chiefs taking the first overall pick. Suppose the Chiefs trade back to the fifth pick in order gain draft picks and because they feel no QB is worth the 1st overall pick. They end up drafting Matt Barkley with the 5th overall pick. Let's say the Panthers move up with the Chiefs to get Jarvis Jones. Now what do we do?

Jags trade 2nd overall pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for their 6th overall pick, plus a second round pick (38th overall) and a 4th round pick (103rd overall). The Cardinals draft OT Luke Joeckel with the second overall pick, which they desperately needed help at the position.

Jags trade back again because we don't feel like we will get anything special with the 6th pick. Buffalo Bills trade up with the Jacksonville Jaguars to select QB Geno Smith with the pick. In return, the Jags get the Bills 1st round pick (10th overall), plus another second round pick (42nd overall) and a fifth round pick (136th Overall).

Round 1: 10th Overall Pick:

OT Jake Mathews: Texas A&M

Terrific prospect. Great run blocking, great pass blocking. Is able to slip to the second level to block Linebackers. He will likely have a slow start like Eugene Monroe did, but will also likely be at least as good as Monroe is now in 2-3 years, one year faster than Monroe. His weaknesses are: stops moving his feet, but not all the time and once he gets a hold of the defender, it's "Game Over" for the defense, balance, and a lack of foot speed. The first two, and most serious defects, can be corrected with good coaching. Eugene Monroe's weaknesses were slightly more severe, yet he is now Pro Bowl caliber. Just think: An O-Line that consits of Eugene Monroe at LT, Will Rackley at LG, Brad Meester at C, Uche Nwaneri at RG, and Jake Mathews at RT. Pretty solid line, with Rackley and Meester as the weakest links, Meester because he is 36, and Rackley because he only played last year and was decent but slightly below average and has been injured all year this year. If Rackley can show improvement, at least to get himself over the "Average line" or play to where he would be labeled slightly above average, I would be happy because he would have improved and we would not have to use a pick on a guard.

Round 2: 34th Overall Pick:

WR Justin Hunter Tennessee

Has good speed, is 6'4", so he would make a great redzone threat. Has great leaping ability and catches the ball cleanly. Could be another deep threat. Could replace Laurent Robinson (that guy needs to save his life, four concussions in a single season! If he gets any more, he will probably be forced to retire anyway or die, as sad as that would be for him). Looses balance sometime when trying to elude defenders in tight spaces, but does have great acceleration. Hunter is a polished route runner and does get separation, which our WRs have failed to do, but they have done a better job this year, most notably, Cecil Shorts III. Before he tore his ACL, he was being compared to A. J. Green.

Round 2: 38th Overall Pick:

OLB Chase Thomas Stanford

Chase Thomas is a 6'4" 248 Lb OLB. Thomas is an impact player. He constantly disrupts the pocket and the run. Attacks from different angles and directions. Has strong hands and wrists to stack and shed blocks quickly to keep blockers off balance. Thomas runs 4.74 seconds in the 40 yard dash, the same speed as Jarvis Jones. Chase Thomas is hard to contain do to his energetic playing style and his quick feet against blockers. Uses arm-over technique to gain leverage and break through the line. Thomas plays disciplined football, but also has a high football IQ. The only major drawback is that he is not naturally explosive or quick twitch, but he does control his aggression, and plays at full speed anytime he is on the field.

Round 2: 42 Overall Pick:

RB Giovani Bernard North Carolina

From what I hear, Bernard is an all-around Running Back. He may fall to our pick do to the combine or if other teams feel that they have more pressing needs such as the Steelers drafting a Free Safety to replace Troy Palomalu or the Raiders drafting a WR. The Bengals an O-Lineman to help protect Andy Dalton.

Round 3: 65th Overall Pick:

TE Jordan Reed Florida

Third best TE in the draft. Also the third fastest TE in the draft. I like Tyler Eifert, but he will go in the first round and is also one of the slower TEs. Yes, Reed is a shorter TE, but can be used like those TEs on the Ravens' Roster, more specifically, Pitta. I'd also compare him to Heath Miller of the Steelers. Reed is a steal in the third round.

Round 3: 82nd Overall Pick:

CB Logan Ryan Rutgers

I don't know much about Ryan except for the fact that he could have a similar impact to Devin McCourty. We do need a CB, and at this point, he's the best available player.

Round 4: 97th Overall Pick:

G/T Gabe Jackson Mississippi State

We need depth at the Guard position. Could be a good back up for Will Rackley. Keep Rackley, Nwaneri, Novak, Spitz. Release Britton and Estes or Valos. Draft Jackson.

Round 4: 103 Overall Pick:

RB Dennis Johnson Arkansas

Yes, another RB. With all of the injuries at the position this year and MJD leaving in a trade deal (just a scenario), and Jennings not being a capable starter when needed, we need depth. John is also good in the return game, which is also an area of need. He has good vision, lateral agility, great sped through the hole, and a great stutter step. He also has low center of gravity.

Round 5: 131st Pick:

DE William Gholston Michigan State

Gholston is 6'7" 280 Lbs. Was supposed to be a 1st round pick. Has great size, length, and athleticism. Relies on his natural skills rather than technique. Plays too stiff. Needs to develop more pass rushing skills. Used for depth.

Round 5: 136th Overall Pick:

FS D. J. Swearinger South Carolina

Versatile. Tough. Covers well. 5'11" 210 Lbs. Great open field tackler. Physical defender. Late-round steal.

Round 6: 166th Overall Pick:

QB Sean Renfree Duke

Has all the tools to be successful. Not afraid to take chances downfield. Traditional dropback passer. Goes trough his progressions. Head coach also mentored Peyton and Eli Manning. Sixth round steal.

Round 7: 199th Overall Pick:

WR: Jasper Collins MOUNT UNION

Remember Mount Union? We drafted Cecil Shorts III from there. Can take the risk here on another Mount Union Product. Don't know much else except that he is 6'4" 225 Lbs.

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