Possible Free Agency Receiver Gem

Was doing a little research on the receiver free agents, and I found a guy, who may find him self in Jacksonville come March. He won't start, but can possibly be a slot, or a #4 guy, who can make an impact. Not posting on front page, because I don't think it belongs on the front page. His name is Andre Caldwell...

Who is Andre Caldwell? Andre Caldwell is a graduate of Florida. He entered the 2008 NFL Draft, and was selected by the Cincinatti Bengals with the 34th selection of the 3rd round(#97). At the University of Florida, he had 166 receptions, 2,175 yards, and 16 TDs over 4 years, from 2003-2007. Note he was hurt in 2004, his sophomore season.

The Bengals coaching staff had raved about Andre Caldwell, and so did hi quarterback, Carson Palmer. He wasn't bad, but he wasn't good.

His rookie season, he had only 11 receptions for 78 yards. In his second season, he had 51 receptions for 432 yards, and 3 TDs, and 3 starts.. In 2010, he had 25 receptions and 345 yards through 15 games, with 5 starts, no TDs. But in 2011, he had 37 receptions, 317 yards, and 2 TDs in 13 games, with 2 starts. In those 2 starts, he started against Baltimore and San Francisco...two very good defenses, but he 9 receptions 116 yards with 1 TD in those 2 games. Yes, he hasn't had great production, but he's been the slot and/or #4 receiver there the last 3 years. So why am I telling you this? Well, if you didn't already realize who was on the Cincinnati Bengals staff for three out of Caldwell's four years there?

Bob Bratkowski.

At the combine, before he entered the draft, Caldwell ran a 4.37 40, and at his pro day he had a 36 1/2" vertical jump, with 18 bench reps.

Mike Thomas doesn't act like he wants to play football, he's lazy, and is now getting overpaid. Cut him, and bring in Andre Caldwell, he can work the slot, and clear up even more cap space. Read this from Cincyjungle:

Before Shipley's unfortunate injury, Andy Dalton was 22 of 33 passing (66.6% comp) for 192 yards (5.81 YPA) and a TD in a little over four quarters of play. That's what we have come to expect from the Bengals offense when Bob Bratkowski was running the show and Carson Palmer loved his slot receivers. Shipley, being the sure-handed and reliable target he is, helps a rookie QB like Dalton's completion percentage. Even if Shipley had 4 catches for 14 yards so far this season.
With Andre Caldwell as the Bengals third WR, Andy Dalton blew up on Denver's defense. He threw for 222 yards (9.65 YPA) and two TDs on 14 of 23 (60.8%) passing. Caldwell's (3 Rec, 27 yards) average wasn't much different than Shipley's career average, but he was running more vertical routes and getting upfield faster. The threat of Caldwell's speed must be respected. Even without Jerome Simpson's 84-yard catch, Dalton's yards per attempt (6.3) was better with Caldwell in the lineup. Dalton's completion percentage was lower, but his yards per completion ballooned from 8.72 with Shipley to 15.85 with Caldwell.

He stretches the field, and would make it a lot easier on Gabbert. Just a little food for thought.

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