In Gene we trust? Character Issue WRs:

I learned something new today: After reading the Times Union article "Preaching to the Chior Boys" and the corresponding discussion on BCC something that Alfie wrote earlier today about Gene Smith got my mind churning.

I said on twitter yesterday, we’ll get to see how much of the character thing was Gene Smith and how much of it was Weaver. They tried to trade for Moss when he was in Oakland, and Weaver said no.

by Alfie Crow on Feb 15, 2012 6:46 AM PST

Well.....ummmm...WHAT?! I definitely didn't know that. Maybe everyone we consider "Gene Guys" were really "Weaver Guys?" Interesting hypothesis...

Per the corresponding article:

"Contrary to his reputation, Smith says it’s a bit extreme to think he wants a locker room full of choir boys. Yes, he wants high-character players, but doesn’t necessarily disqualify those who have a red flag on their resume."

Who are all the WRs on the market with what we call "non-Gene issues" or prima donnas? And does this mean we actually have a chance to pick any of them?

Steve Johnson, Age: 26 - While he drops a pretty good amount of passes and has a very Ocho Cinco-ish type of personality the guy is a bona fied field stretcher. Moderate risk, moderate reward.

Vincent Jackson, Age: 29 - 6-5, 230 deep ball threat. Legitimate #1 WR, but he most definitely has his risks. Due to his past DUIs Jackson is one strike away from being home for a season. High risk, high reward.

Brandon Lloyd, Age: 31 - While many fans won't rave over this pick up no one can argue that it wouldn't help out our skidish QB having a consistent play maker like Lloyd on the outside. Moderate risk, high reward.

Braylon Edwards, Age: 29 - Edwards was just terrible this past year...and a prima donna. But, he was battling injuries throughout the year. He won't ask for a large contract and he should be over his injuries by the end of this off season.Low risk, moderate reward.

Jerome Simpson, Age: 26 - Yes, the front flip guy from Cincy. Anyone who's watched the kid play knows he's definitely talented. Depending on the type of contract he will require he may be worth a look. Low risk, moderate reward. Apparently may be looking at jail time or suspension at the least. Next!

Plaxico Burress, Age: 35 - Burress finished last season with 8 touchdowns in an offense where he was the number two WR. He most definitely comes with the risk that he could shoot himself in the other leg or retire next year, but I doubt it. Low risk, high reward.

Randy Moss, Age: 35 - This has been explained in enough detail here lol... Low risk, high reward.

Terrell Owens, Age 38: Assuming maturity comes with age, perhaps he could be signed at a short term, discount rate contract? Same category as Moss, with arguably less drama. Low risk, high reward.

While I'm not sure if I even have an opinion yet on the chances of us picking any of them up, I figure the chances have to be at least moderate that we get one of the seven. Personally, I'm excited about the potential for a game breaking WR here! Remember, the last Pro Bowl WR we had here had drug problems (Jimmy Smith). Don't be so quick to forget that people. #IJS

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