Is Manning to the Jags Completely Insane

It's sounding more like the Colts will keep Peyton Manning if he restructures his salary. But if they don't... is it completely insane to think about Manning in a Jags uniform?

I'm a biased season ticket holder so take this with a grain of salt, but I think it makes more than a little sense...

Here are some reasons it could be win-win. First, for the Jags...

1) New owner Khan makes a splash and puts blackouts in the rear view mirror for the next couple of years.

2) Gives Gabbert some time. Do you believe in Gabbert? Fine. If he's really a project with promise, but still a project... why can't we sit him behind Manning for 2 or 3 years? If Gabbert doesn't like it... who cares. What's he going to do and where will he go?

3) It reminds the rest of the NFL we're a serious franchise that isn't moving to LA or folding. I'm so tired of hearing Jacksonville ripped on, torn down and disrespected. This helps put us back on the map. Probably sells a couple Jags jerseys in other cities.

4) We become the favorites to win the division. And after that.... who do we face in the playoffs? New England? Sorry, not impressed. Baltimore? Oh yeah, we beat them last year with Blaine Gabbert throwing for 93 yards. Pittsburgh? New York? Anyone??

For Manning...

1) He has an opportunity to win. I don't believe we're that from from being contenders. We've got a good defense. We have the NFL's leading rusher. Add some help on the O-Line in the draft, sign a couple solid receivers... and I think we're a better destination than Miami or Washington.

2) Jacksonville can be HIS town. The Jags are 17 years old. If Manning comes in, wins some games, sells some tickets.... he's got a second home for life. Miami? Washington? Not so much. Nothing short of a Super Bowl is going to impress them.

3) Welcome to Florida: No state income tax. Nice weather. We're not Indianapolis. (ok, not fair... he obviously doesn't mind Indy)

4) He knows the AFC South. He may not want to play against the Colts twice a year and face his old fans. But he knows this division.

Yeah... I know this won't happen. Right? Right??

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