The most unlikely mock you'll see all offseason

The title says it all, so don't take me too seriously on this one, guys. I think there is a slight possibility our draft could turn out this way, but this is more of a just for fun. I'd really like to see it happen, honestly, despite the loss of a 2013 1st rounder (more on that later). Find out after the jump what makes this one so unlikely, and let me know who you'd rather see us take with the picks I acquire in this situation.

Free Agency:

DE: Mario Williams and Robert Mathis. Gene likes to say he's doing something then go in a completely different direction. The man is full of smoke and mirrors. I think Jacksonville should be a very attractive spot for any FA DE, right now.

WR: Dwayne Bowe, Laurent Robinson. Anthony Gonzales, Courtney Roby. Paul K. over at the ESPN AFC South blog wrote in his mailbag this week the Robinson would be an ideal signing as a number 2 guy here, and I think it makes a lot of sense. If Robinson were the best guy we were signing I'd be a little concerned, though. Gonzales could be a gem if he can figure out how to stay healthy, and he wont cost much. I don't know if Roby makes the team, but if he does, I think we found our KR.

OG: Carl Nicks. Bangin' this drum all off-season long.

QB: Chris Redman. Makes a lot of sense. Familiarity with scheme provides more focus on Gabbert.

2012 NFL Draft:

Jags' major needs: RT, WR, CB; Jags minor needs: P, Another WR, C (maybe), TE, LB

1.7. Riley Reiff, OT

*Due to a lack of experience and turnovers, Stephon Gilmore falls out of the 1st round. Jags trade 2013 1st rounder and Mike Thomas to the Colts for their second round pick.

Why would the Colts do this? There is so much talent between the 2nd and 3rd round, that they will feel that with the first picks of the 3rd and 4th round, they will still have a chance to get some guys pretty high up on their board. Getting what they may think should be a top-15 pick in 2013 is too much for them to turn down.

Why do we do this? Because I think having Stephon Gilmore this year is worth not having a 1st round pick next year. I rate him that high. I also don't think that we're going to be a top 15 pick in 2013.

2.33. Stephon Gilmore, CB

2..38. Alshon Jeffrey, WR (combine will be big in determining where he gets drafted...right now he's a 2nd rounder)

3. 71. Cam Johnson, DE (To complete the pass rush trio. This will be a scary defensive line)

4. 101. Michael Egnew, TE

5. Tank Carder, LB

*After drafting Reiff and signing Nicks, there's no place for Britten to go. If he's cleared by doctors and ready to play, I think it won't be too difficult to get a 5th round out of the Bears, who think they would do more for their line with a 5th round pick acquiring Britten than selecting someone.

5. Dwight Bentley, CB

6. Kirk Cousins, QB (nothing but a strong arm, but worth a look)

*The Browns, looking for a little more firepower, give up their 7th rounder for Zach Miller. Why? They remember what he did to them at the end of 2009. They are one of the few other teams to see what his potential is. They also have and extra 1st and 4th this year, so the 7th rounder is even more of a luxury pick.

7. Shaun Powell, P

Roster with my own personal rating out of 10 as compared to the rest of the league :

Offense 27:

Gabbert, Redman*, Cousins*

Mojo, Jennings, Harris, Owens

Jones, Bolen

Lewis, Egnew*, Cloherty

Monroe, Bradfield

Nicks*, Rackley

Meester, Estes

Nwarni, Haslam


Bowe*, Jeffrey*

Robinson*, ? (Roby, Price, Robiskie.....we brought a coach out of retirement for a reason)

Dillard, Shorts

Defense 23:

Williams*, Johnson*

Knighton, Mosley

Alualu, Dozable

Mathis*, Lane

Smith, Allen

Posluszny, Carder*

Coleman, Sessions (as it's usually one or the other on the field when healthy)

Cox, Mathis, Bentley*

Gilmore*, Middleton

Lowery, Trent

Landry, Prozinski





Grades: Star Players and [Potential/Impact Guys]

QB: 7.1: [Gabbert]

RB/FB: 9.8: MJD, Jones [Jennings]

OL: 9.2: Monroe, Nicks, Nwarni [Reiff, Meester]

WR: 8.7: Bowe [Robinson, Jeffrey]

TE: 8.2: [Lewis, Egnew]

DL: 9.7: Williams, Mathis, Knighton [Alualu, Johnson]

LB: 9: Smith, Posluszny [Session, Allen, Carder]

CB: 8.4 Cox [Gilmore, Coleman, Mathis, Bentley]

S: 8.3 [Lowery, Landry]

SPT: 9.1: Scobee, Owens, Middleton, Allen [Powell, Cain]

Again, I do not intend to defend the realistic possibility of this situation, as any Mock Draft is a shot in the dark and this one has a lot of trades that would have to happen. What I can say, is something like this is not impossible.

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