Combine Stars...The "Other" WRs:

Seeing as the combine was today and we're all sure that our team will do their best to bolster our WR corps via the draft, college free agency, and NFL free agency I felt we should take a look at what has to say about the "other" (non-first round projected) WRs who had good showings today.

Tommy Streeter (Miami) - 6 foot 5 inches, 219 lbs, 4.4 forty yard dash
Streeter started only one year at Miami. Has a very impressive frame and the speed to match, an will be capable of making splash plays for his team as a rookie in the NFL. Late third-round value with the opportunity to ascend.
STRENGTHS - Streeter has premier tools to immediately stretch the field for an NFL offense. Has an elongated gate and is very comfortable sticking his foot in the ground to go up and get the football. Has really come on strong of late in his ability to separate from defenders in short/intermediate routes.
WEAKNESSES - Streeter needs to develop the technical parts of his game to be able to demand consistent playing time on the outside. He false steps often at the snap and has a below-average burst off the line, and although he uses his length well to avoid press, could have issues once teams start to get in his face at the line of scrimmage. Runs sloppy routes and isn't definitive in his movements.

Projected as a low third-fourth rounder.

Stephen Hill (Georgia Tech) - 6 foot 4 inches, 215 lbs, 4.36 forty yard dash
Hill is an early-entry junior receiver out of Georgia Tech who started consistently for the past two years and was the sole deep threat in a run-first offense. He has great length and an outstanding catch radius, which along with his speed makes him a serious deep-threat option in the NFL. He has a thin frame and will be hurt by the fact that he ran a very basic route tree at Georgia Tech, and teams won't be able to utilize him for much more than go routes at this point in his career. He is a splash player who was No. 1 in the nation in yards per catch; he has fourth-round value based off his all-around body of work but could impress a team with his size and speed enough to ascend significantly throughout the pre-draft process. If the rest of his game can catch up to the ability he shows in the deep passing game, Hill could be the sleeper of this year's draft.
STRENGTHS - Hill will be a legitimate deep threat at the next level -- by recording nearly 30 yards per catch as a senior, he showed he was capable of going deep and scoring on every play. He consistently runs past corners on deep routes and is impressive at the point of the catch, as he is able to lay out for the ball or rise above his defender. Hill is a very good blocker who uses his length well and surprisingly doesn't get off-balance often, something that is usually evident of players with his frame. Though it's risky to throw early comparisons of Hall-of-Fame-caliber players on prospects that don't even garner first-round consideration, Hill could remind some of Randy Moss when it comes to running a pure, one-on-one deep route.
WEAKNESSES - Hill's value is based purely off his ability as a deep threat. He has average quickness and moves off the line of scrimmage to avoid a jam. He ran a very basic route tree at Georgia Tech that didn't allow him to showcase many skills. Outside of catching jump balls, he struggles to read coverages and understand how to find holes in a zone. Hill looks uncomfortable with the ball in his hands and resembles a lengthy track star on the field instead of a football player. He dropped as many big balls as he made big plays; his YPC stat defines him perfectly as a player who is capable of making flash plays but isn't reliable.

This day one blazer surprised a lot of scouts with his speed. He is also projected to be a low third to forth round projection.

A.J. Jenkins (Illinois) - 6 foot 0 inches, 190 lbs, 4.39 forty yard dash
Jenkins was a two-year starter at Illinois (while also starting four games over his first two years) for the now-departed Ron Zook and has the speed to take the top off of defenses in the NFL. He separates well when running with defenders and is good in securing the catch. He has shown a good amount of production and has fifth-round value at the next level if he can continue to get open the way he did in the Big Ten.
STRENGTHS - Jenkins is quick off the ball and gets to top speed quickly. If he gets a free release, he can be tough for corners to stay with initially. He has ability to separate when necessary and is very fluid throughout his routes. His body is strikingly under control throughout, and he has good balance if corners try to push into his hips in-phase. Jenkins is willing to go across the middle and always reaches out to pluck the ball. He is effective both long and deep but is less of a threat after the catch as he is running his routes.
WEAKNESSES - At the line, Jenkins initiates a hard step in, then back out, as his go-to move to release off the line, and corners can see it coming at times and get their hands in his chest to throw him off. He is a smooth runner, but he will take plays off and doesn't seem to run every route as hard as the next.

Jenkins has been projected all over the board from the bottom of the third round to the 6th. Not sure what to make of him, but he definitely had a great showing today...

Thinking taking a third to fourth round feeler on one of these guys could definitely be worth it...I'll also admit that I need to watch more take on these guys before coming to a legitimate conclusion also. What do you guys think of these three? Anyone seen them play much?

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