Mock/Value board Mash-up

After the recent article Alfie did about the Jags not being "aggressive," I assume there will be 2 big signings and maybe 3 lower tier guys (like an Anthony Gonzalez or Chris Redman). The following is my value board for these signings:

Top: Mario Williams, Cliff Avril, Dwayne Bowe, Vincent Jackson (wouldn't mind it if we were able to pull him in with a suspension clause in his guaranteed money).
2nd: Stevie Johnson, Marquis Colston, Robert Mathis, Carl Nicks, Brandon Carr
Lower tier: Anthony Gonzalez, Chris Redman, Harry Douglas, Chad Henne, Roby
I will say this, I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out this "not so aggressive" thing to be another Gene Smith smoke and mirror tactic.

Rather than doing a mock, or a huge draftboard...I decided to make a combination of the two. I rated the players based on other mocks, my prediction of risers and fallers and lastly, my own draftboard:

Eagles Trade 1.15, 2.46, 4.114 for Jags 7th overall and Mike Thomas (For Blackmon/Floyd)
1.15 Wish list: Reiff (in the case that Coples is somehow still available, I try and get a trade with New England for both of their 1sts and next year's first)
About Right: Kirkpatrick or Kendall Wright
Just in-case: Stephon Gilmore

Jump for the rest.

2.38 Wish list: Gilmore, Glenn, Jeffrey or Mike Adams
About Right: Criner or Curry
Just in-case: Cam Johnson or Stephen Hill

2.46 Wish list: Cam Johnson
About Right: Stephin Hill or Mcnutt
Just in-case: Doug Martin

3.71 Wish list: Marvin Jones, Norman or Brewster
About Right: Toon or Boykin
Just in-case: Joe Adams

4.101 Wish list: Egnew, Quick
About Right: Joe Adams, Nick Toon
Just in-case: Marcel Jones

4.114 Wish list: Donnie Fletcher, Nick Toon
About Right: Ryan Broyles, Trumaine Johnson,
Just in-case: Tank Carder, Dwight Bently

5.134 Wish list: Tank Carder, Dwight Bently
About Right: Jarius Wright (though I think he'll get drafted higher than the mocks I'm comparing this to)
Just in-case: David Molk, Posey, Cousins

6.175 Wish list: Molk, Streeter, Jean-Baptiste
About Right: Posey, Cousins
Just in-case: Shaun Powell

7.? Any of the above.

I find this draft to be deep at WR and CB, and even feel there's a couple quality DE's we could snatch up. This gives me hope that as long as we get a solid WR and DE/G in FA, we will have no problems addressing the rest of our pressing needs through the draft.

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