My Jaguars Free Agency Mock

This is not based on what I want, this is how I think free agency will play out for us.

Jaguars Free Agents:

strikethrough = not resigned


C.C. Brown - Just a guy who was on the team as a bench warmer.

Nick Harris - Was decent, but not worthy of a roster spot.

David Jones - Get out of Jacksonville, and stay as far away as possible. Solid reserve, but I think he will be replaced by a 2nd or 3rd round draft pick.

Dwight Lowery - I believe that Lowery's agent will get a lot of calls, and he'll visit two or three teams, the agent will tell Jacksonville what has been offered, and give them a chance to counter-offer. This is a business, and Lowery can leave, but I think he'll come back, because we were the team that gave him a chance.

Luke McCown - Isn't effective when he has filled in for Blaine Gabbert and isn't familiar with the system that Mularkey and Bratkowski will be implementing.

Jeremy Mincey - Will never be more then a 10 sack guy, but does get consistent pressure. He will be over payed by some team.

C.J. Mosley - An effective backup.

Matt Roth - Was solid, and may be brought back, if the Jags can't land their "primary targets".


Russell Allen - Very valuable asset. Probably a top 3 backup linebacker in the NFL. He can be a solid starter, and signing him to be a backup would be great.

Leger Douzable - Very versatile and effective backup.

Courtney Greene - Hard hitter, and good special teamer.

William Middleton - Middleton is an effective nickel, but is no longer the nickel on our team. He will probably find a new home elsewhere, as he showed that he can also be a solid starter if needed.


Brock Bolen - Good special teamer.

Nate Collins - Marijuana bust.

Zach Potter - Gene Smith project, could get cut, if a valuable tight end falls in Gene's lap during the draft.

Martin Rucker - Bench warmer

Free Agents:

Chris Redman: Quarterback, Atlanta - Redman is a more effective quarterback than Luke McCown is. For 4 years, his Offensive Coordinator was Mike Mularkey, the Jaguars new Head Coach. Then last season, his Quarterbacks Coach was Bob Bratkowski, the Jaguars new Offensive Coordinator. So it would make sense, that Mularkey and Bratkowski used a similar system that they used in Atlanta. A system that Redman is familar with. This would give us a veteran QB who already knows the system, who can not only mentor our young QB, but help him learn the playbook.

Robert Meachem: Wide Receiver, New Orleans - Many scouts believe that Meachem is a better receiver than Marques Colston if he played in a different system. Not only that, but Colston is injury prone, and Meachem has played 62/64 of his last games. Meachem is almost as big as Colston, has equally soft hands, and is faster. I think Gene Smith knows this, and will offer Meachem a nice contract. Probably one similar to Steve Johnson's contract in Buffalo.

Josh Morgan: Wide Receiver, San Francisco - It has been reported for about 11 days now, that the Jaguars will heavily pursue Josh Morgan once he hits the open market. He is regarded as a guy, who will come much cheaper than Vincent Jackson and Marques Colston, but has the potential to play just as well. He seems like a low end free agent to us, but it is reported, that many teams have taken interest in him. Mike Lombardi reported on that he is a "hot name" around the league.

Mario Williams: Defensive End, Houston - I thought about this for a while, I think it's highly unlikely that the Jaguars resign Mincey. They need a pass rusher, Gene and Khan both know that. After Williams, there isn't much left to choose from. We have the cap room, and the money, Khan, himself calls up Mario and brings him in for an interview...on his yacht. They throw him big numbers, that...with being on a team on the rise, and a top 5 defense, and versing his old team twice a year, sways him into coming here. Gene must realize that by signing Mario Williams, re-signing Dwight Lowery, and a healthy Rashean Mathis, is undoubtedly the #1 defense in the NFL. Then with the #7 pick, Gene will choose between Melvin Ingram and Quinton Coples...his choice. By signing some "lower end" receiver free agents, he has more then enough room to make this sign. The deal would probably be about 120 million for 7 years, with around 45-60 guaranteed.

The first three are very likely, and the last one may be a long stretch, but it is definitely doable.

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