Most Wanted Free Agents

I thought since it's the day we have all been waiting for, it would be fun to go through the 4 Positions of need and say who we would most want in these Positions. Only 1 per Position. These 4 positions are WR, CB, DE and S.


List of Free Agents:

1.Vincent Jackson

2.Marques Colston

3. Brandon Lloyd

4. Mario Manningham

5. Pierre Garcon

6. Reggie Wayne

7. Laurent Robinson

8. Josh Morgan

9. Robert Meachem

10. Ted Ginn Jr.

11. Mike Wallace (Give up our First Round Pick)

I would take be happy with a few guys on this list, but honestly I am scared of Marques Colston and Vincent Jackson. I think Gene will go young with whoever he chooses, and I think it will be between Josh Morgan, Robert Meachem, and Pierre Garcon.

I would be most happy with Pierre Garcon. 5yr-34 mil (roughly 7 mil per season.)


1. Mario Williams

2. Kamerion WImbley

3. Jeremy Mincey

4. Isreal Idonije

Very Short List. If we aren't going to hit the home run with the top WR's, We will have a lot of money remaining to go after Mario Williams. If Mario falls through, fall back plan would be to match whatever offer Mincey has received.

Obviously, I would be stoked with Mario Williams! 5yr-76mil (roughly 15 mil per season)


1. Brandon Carr

2. Cortland Finnegan

3. Will Middleton

4. Richard Marshall

5. Tracy Porter

6. Terrell Thomas

7. Aaron Ross

Seeing that our Defense was top 10 last year, the addition of Mario Williams will certaintly strengthen it. I would prefer Gene not spend for either Carr or Finnegan if we reel in Mario. Instead, resigning Middleton or somebody in the range of 2-4 mil per season.

If we sign anybody at CB, I would say Will Middleton. We can find our CB of the future in the draft this year!!

(so high on Josh Robinson)


1. OJ Atogwe

2. Dwight Lowery

3. Melvin Bullitt (SS, Landry would move to FS)

4.Laron Landry (SS, Dawan Landry would team up with brother and move to FS)

I think it is extremely important for us to land one of the 4 above. Our safety play in the past had been so pathetic, but last season with Landry and Lowery it was a strength.

I would be thrilled with resigning Dwight Lowery. 3yr-15 mil (5 mill per season)

These 4 players total up to around 30 million dollars. I am totally confused with how much money we actually have, and I think a lot of fans are. The 2 new players (Garcon and Mario) total to be 22 mil/year in new salary.

If we have about 30 million to spend, this is realistic. If we have the 40 million plus the one time 30 million, I say we go out and address our RT situation. Eric Winston! Please, I know he struggles a bit against a pass rusher on the edge, but he would be a significant upgrade over the always hurt Eben Britton and definitely over Guy Wimper.

My 5 Free Agents:

WR: Pierre Garcon

DE: Mario Williams

CB: Will Middleton

S: Dwight Lowery

Bonus: Eric Winston

So, Who would you want?

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