Post Jags-FA Mock Draft

With it looking like the Jaguars are done in Free Agency now seems like a better time than any to release my first Mock Draft. This will only be a one round mock and i will include trades in other possibilities, so i will place the pick i think each team will take at their initial position with trades later. Enjoy.

1) Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck

For the last two years we have known Luck was going to be the first pick in the draft, at first it was when would he come out and then it was who would have the first pick. Luck is the best QB prospect to come out in years and will replace Manning one Week 1.

2) Washington Redskins: Robert Griffen III

Like Luck this pick has been all but done, it was just a question of who would give up more for the pick, Cleveland or Washington, and in the end it was Washington who gave up their 1st rounder for the next 3 years to finally get their Franchise QB.

3) Minnesota Vikings: Matt Kalil

Last year the VIkings made the surprise pick taking Christian Ponder at #12. Now a year later the Vikings should be looking to beef up that O-Line after Hutchinson left for Tennessee during FA and with Ponder getting 2 concussions last year, which can't happen to your Franchise QB.

Other Possibilities

Trade down with a team interested in Tannehill who think Cleveland would take him

4) Cleveland Browns: Trent Richardson

Many have said Richardson is the best player in the draft and the most NFL ready and probably is. The dude is jacked, has soft hands out of the backfield, and runs really well between the tackles. The Browns seem like they are going to stick with Mccoy for another year and up in that cold weather area they need to be able to pound the ball, plus Hillis is now a Chief.

Other Possibilities

Justin Blackmon: If they are going to stick with McCoy they need to get him another recover on the opposite side of Greg Little. Add that to they could still use their other pick to trade up and get Richardson before Cincinnati because true Bengals are the only other real team in need of his services they could do this.

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Morris Claiborne

Tampa was this years Eagles making a huge splash in FA, fixing their offensive problems with the signings of Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks. They were also able to fix their secondary a little but still need another corner to be put on the other side of the guy they got from Detroit seeing as Barber is in his 15th year and is an UFA and Talib has legal issues.

6) St. Louis Rams: Justin Blackmon

Many classify Blackmon as the best recover in the draft and regardless of wether or not he is worth the 6th pick in the draft the Rams need a recover if Bradford is to succeed in his 3rd year.

Other Possibilities

Reiff Riley: If Blackmon is gone then Riley would have to be the pick because with the money they payed Bradford he needs to stay healthy.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars: Reiff Riley

At first i was going to put down Melvin Ingram, but i read mranderson83's post, Predicting Gene Smith, and i changed this pick to Riley. If Gabbert is to succeed he will need a recover to throw to as well as someone to protect him, and with no receiver being worth a top pick, if we can't trade down Riley is the best pick.

Other Possibilities

Trade down with a team in need of a Franchise QB, like Tannehill, while Seattle did land Flynn they could always take him to grow and after 3 years if it hasn't worked out they can start Tannehill

Michael Floyd: While no receiver is worth a top ten pick Floyd is a nice pick, he is big enough to block as well as has good hands. If Gene can believe his off the field issues are behind him this could be a possible pick.

8) Miami Dolphins: Quinton Coples

Adding Coples add helps provide a rush to bring down Tom Brady, which they will need to do if they are going to compete.

Other Possibilities

Ryan Tannehill: Between losing out on Manning and Flynn the Dolphins are in desperate need of a QB and while the latest news is that the have signed former Jag David Gerrard, he is one hit away from messing up his back.

Michael Floyd or any other receiver: After trading away Brandon Marshall they need a #1 receiver so the best guy available may be that pick.

9) Carlina Panthers: Dontari Poe

Poe had a great combine and really boosted up his stock. With an inability to stop the run the Panthers need someone to take care of the middle and lots of people see Poe as the answer to this.

Other possibilities

Devon Still, Michael Brockers, or any other DT: really who the Panthers pick he pends on who they think the best DT is.

Best Available Receiver: Steve Smith is getting old and i would not hurt to put someone on the other side of him, granted with the depth of this draft this is a position that could be taken care of in round 2.

10) Buffalo Bills: Jonathan Martin

The Bills gave a huge contract to Ryan Fitzpatrick last year and after the 1st 5 or so games became really inconstant, while they need a recover on the other side of Steve Johnson, Fitzpatrick needs to stay clean and Martin will do that.

Other Possibilities

Decastro, Glenn, or any other G: Like Carolina it pends on who they think the best G is and who is still available

BAW-like i said above, they need someone on the opposite side of Johnson but that can be addressed in the 2nd round

Coples: If Coples is still around the Bills may jump at the chance to add him to Mario Williams to make one of the best Pass Rushes in the NFL

11) Kansas City Chiefs: Luke Kuechly

Adding a LB to a defense that is close to being elite may just put them there

Other possibilities

Any OL- Regardless of wether the people like Cassel or not if any QB is to play there they need protection and time to get the ball to Bowe.

12) Seattle Seahawks: Decastro

After landing Flynn the next step is to make sure he is properly protected and seeing as they released on of their G makes this an even bigger need.

Other Possibilites

Trade up, like i said with Jacksonville's trade down if they feel like Tannehill can come in get some more experience so he isn't so raw they may make the jump to get him before Miami is up.

13) Arizona Cardinals: Dre Kirkpatrick

The next best corner in the League Patrick Peterson needs a friend on the other side and he could be the corner to make their defense a lot better and be able to compete in a division that was horrific 2 years ago and then only had the 9ers competing last year.

Other possibilities

Any OL available: the best OL available here could also be the pick seeing as this probably is the may reason as to why Payton decided against the Cards, plus they just payed Kolb an extra 7 mill i think, gotta keep the man healthy.

14) Dllas Cowboys: Janoris Jenkins

Last year that secondary was just awful, now they have got their safety and got Brandon Carr, Jenkins could be the guy to go on the other side to complete that secondary, this way Rob Ryan can biltz all he wants

Other possibilietes

Cordy Glenn- Romo has to stay healthy if they want a shot at competing

Melvin Ingram: if he is still available he could be put on the opposite side of Ware to make the life of QB's even worse

15) Philadelphia Eagles: Devon Still

The Eagles made a huge splash in FA last year but no one stepped up to stop the run so a DT like Still, who is a tremendous Run Stuffer could be their pick

Other possibilities

Brockers or Poe: Again it is between who is available and who the team thinks will be the better one to turn the team into a contender.

16) New York Jets: Melvin Ingram

So long as e is still available he will bring the swag, confidence, and work hard attitude Rex seems to want his Jets to be. Plus there is someone who can provide pressure against Brady.

Other possibilites

Any other DE: pends on availability and what the GM thinks

17) Cincinnati Bengals: Stephon Gilmore

With Big Ben in that division throwing to Mike Wallace you need a corner and Gilmore is the best available one, could also go Jenkins if Cowboys don't take him.

18) San Diego Chargers: Fletcher Cox

The San Diego D-Line is small and with the like of Peyton Manning in the division the more pass rush the better.

19) Chicago Bears: Andre Branch

Still looking for that guy who can complement Peppers the Bears will go with the best DE on the board and Branch may be their guy, but don't count Upshaw out either.

20) Tennessee Titans: Jerel Worthy

When you have to face MJD and Arian Foster twice a year each you need to be able to stuff the middle and Worthy should be able to do that for the Titans. They could also go with any other DT available

21) Cincinnati Bengals: Lamar Miller

Cincy needs a RB and if they can't land Michael Bush in FA or can't trade up to get Richardson, Miller is the next best option, and noting will help continue the development of the red headed gun slinger Dalton than a good RB for the PA to Green.

22) Cleveland Browns: Michael Floyd

Assuming he is still here, Cleveland finally gets their #1 receiver and with him Richardson and Greg Little to all help McCoy, the Browns may just be able to compete.

Other possibilities

Kendall Wright: still give them that #1 just in case Floyd isn't there.

23) Detroit Lions: Mark Barron

Like Dallas the secondary play of the Lions was less than spectacular, Barron fills the hole left by one of their FA and a need at the same time.

24) Pittsburgh Steelers: Cordy Glenn

If the Steelers are gonna make another run for #7 they need Ben to stay healthy and Glenn, if available should be able to do that.

Other Posiibilities

Mike Adams: again if Glenn isn't available the next best man is Adams.

25) Denver Broncos: Stephen Hill

With the signing of Peyton Manning the Broncos have a good shot at winning that crappy division but if they want to make a super bowl run you need to get Manning weapons outside of Thomas and Decker, Hill can come in a fill in that role

Other possibilites

RB- I don't really think McGhee is a starting, every down back so getting another back may help some.

OL- I'm not sure of the O-Line play in Denver but it doesn't hurt to add protection around Manning.

26) Huston Texans: Ruben Randell

The Texans need a receiver that can make plays other than Andre Johnson, and Ruben Randell could be that deep threat kinda guy who can take pressure off Johnson and make you pay when you don't.

27) New England Patriots: Michael Brockers

Flat out and straight if it had not been for Brady the Pat would never have made it to the SB because that defense is absolutely horrible. Inserting Brockers here will be the start of getting back to the days of good defense by Bellichick. Especially in the AFC where everyone like to run the ball.

28) Green Bay Packers: Chandler Jones

He a versatile player who can play LB or DE and may be able to take some of the pressure of Matthews so he can get back to killing QBs

29) Baltimore Ravens: Dont'a Hightower

Ray Lewis can't play forever and bringing in Hightower before Ray is gone gives him a chance to learn a little from the veteran who is one of the few members of the 40 30 club

30) San Francisco 49ers: Kendall Wright

Besides 2 Special teams turnovers the 9ers' biggest problem in the NFC Championship was the lack of a top WR, and while they did get Moss to be their deep threat as well as SB hero Mario Manningham, adding Wright gives you someone of the future especially if things with Moss don't work out.

31) New England Patriots: David Wilson

The Patriots don't run a lot, but who needs to with Brady throwing, either way to at least open it up a lil i would be surprised if they took the RB from VT either if they can't resign Green-Ellis or just to be able to have that guy as Ellis may be getting a little high up there in age.

32) New York Giants: Doug Martin

With the release of Brandon Jacobs, i believe the Giants take Boise State RB Martin here to fill in that gap and see if he can eventually be their #1. Interesting note; compares himself to Rice and MJD due to small hight but big about of muscular build and the way he runs the ball.

Other possibilities

Colby Fleener: With both their TE's suffering injuries in the SB Fleener could be a good pick up and is one of the best if not the best TE in the draft.

Let me know what you guys think, got most of my FA info from

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