Damien Woody Chimes In On "The Bigger Question" With Bounty Story

If you have ever considered what might be an anchor that holds humanity from progressing beyond its present state, consider this tweet from ex-Pats,Lions,Jets OL Damien Woody:

@damienwoody: The bigger question w/ this 'bounty' issue is.....WHO SNITCHED?!?!

Really? That is the bigger question? Not what this means with respect to the integrity of the sport. Not what this means to the safety of players in an already understood violent sport. Not how it impacts the the ethical mindset of those who participate in it, which could reasonably be assumed to carry over to "civilian" life. No, for Woody the bigger question is who broke ranks and turned on their fellow players.

I cannot speak to Woody's motivation. Maybe it is financial and he sees this as an impact to an additional revenue stream. Maybe he grew up in a culture in which you survived by keeping your mouth shut. If there is an explanation that makes sense I would love to read it.

What he fails to understand is that keeping something like this hidden is more damaging to the NFL community than keeping it a dirty little secret. I have coached and played football so I am fully aware that a hit can be both hard and clean. By elevating the hit to a commodity the motivation breaks the sportsmanship frame. Respect for your opponent is what makes the game beautiful. Woody's position is a reprehensible testament to a destructive, narcissistic ethic.

I am reminded, by this tweet, that it takes a special player to be elevated to a position of respect. Much like any area in life, the NFL is lacking that type of person. Let's hope the majority of those playing and retired do not share Damien's opinion.

Later in his Twitter timeline Woody tweeted:

@damienwoody: Simple concept here...if u want better kids, be better parents

I wonder if being a better parent means not being paid to intentionally hurt players?

Curious what others in the NFL community think?

@marcelluswilley: Bounty's in the NFL are a problem now? Only issue is that it became public & now the fans know. I don't think Goodell should discipline. U?

@boomeresiason: NFL admits Saints had a bounty program led by Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams. Now with the Rams he should be fired ASAP!

@chriswarcraft: I mean seriously, think about it. You're talking about paying someone to INTENTIONALLY injure someone else. They put people in JAIL for that (Chris Kluwe)

@kbull53: So bounties taint the Saints the last 3 years?!? Is actually recording your opponent practicing before you play them worse?!?

@shaunphillips95: Purposely hurting someone and trying to inflict pain on someone are 2 different things. I'm sure I have had plenty of bounties on my head

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