If Tannehill falls who could we trade with?

There has been a lot of talk and hoping that Cleveland passes on Tannehill thus leaving us in the driver seat to trade down with a team wanting to trade up ahead of Miami. But who could we realistically trade with? After the jump just a brief breakdown of how likely a team will trade up for Tannehill if any

Lets start out with the ones to nix first

Seattle Seahawks-just signed Flynn so they're out

Likelihood of trading-0/10

Buffalo Bills-this is about as likely as us getting Tebow. They view Fitz as the franchise guy and it'll stay that way until atleast after next year

Likelihood of trading-0/10

Now we can start getting into the real teams we should keep an eye on

Kansas city-they just had a very productive offseason. They just signed Brady Quinn to backup Matt "GD!" Cassel and presumably push in training camp for the starting job. But are either of these guys the answer at QB? IMO no but it depends on how the organization feels. I think they’ll go with the San Fran/ Denver mold as a team, build a good strong team and win despite a mediocre QB.

Likelihood of trading-4/10

Arizona Cardinals-this is the most logical fit IMO if they hadn’t just kept Kolb for around 7 mil in guaranteed money this year. They spent a lot of money on Kolb and i'm not sure that they are ready to give up on him just yet for a rookie that needs A LOT of development. Put in the mix that john "skeletor" skelton is there and can win a few games I don’t honestly see Arizona trading up for Tannehill.

Likelihood of trading-5/10

Heres the biggest question of them all though:

Would Miami even take Tannehill?

They just signed D.Garrard(best of luck to him btw) and have Matt Moore. Both pedestrian at QB if not above average on occasion but neither viewed as a franchise QB. But would Miami take Tannehill to develop behind these guys for the next couple of years? Or just wait till next years draft when there are better prospects and would have a clearer picture at the QB position? With Jeff Ireland you never know

Likelihood of taking tannehill at 8 thus forcing a team to trade up-who knows with that guy

The incoherent craziness and mismanagement of Ireland is the only thing sitting in our favor to trade down. Demand wont be too high for Tannehill just based on the fact that most teams have QBs but if a team falls in love with him they might not want to wait till after Miami because Ireland is probably the dumbest human being running a sports organization

My prediction is that we are going to have to pick at 7 and that Claiborne and Blackmon will be gone thus forcing us to draft someone that wouldn't have the consensus backing like Claiborne

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