Jacksonville Jaguars Roundup

Tebow to Jags would mean Khan meddles - AFC South Blog - ESPN

Adam Schefter reports that teams interested in acquiring Tim Tebow include Green Bay, Miami, the Jets and, wait for it, Jacksonville. Things have gone silent at Jaguars headquarters from what I can tell and from what I have read. Tim Tebow #15 QB Denver Broncos 2011 STATS Att 271 Comp 126 Yds 1729 TD 12 Int 6 Rat 72.9Perhaps that means management and coaches are preparing for a force-feeding from their new owner, Shahid Khan. I am convinced that if Tebow ends up in Jacksonville, it won’t be because general manager Gene Smith wants him or because Mike Mularkey and his staff want him.

Excited to continue

Russell Allen believed in himself, and at the same time, he was realistic. This was Allen three years ago, when the idea of signing a long-term deal as part of the core of an NFL defense – something that happened late last week when the linebacker re-signed with the Jaguars – was a pretty distant dream.

Jaguars have had internal discussions about Tim Tebow | jacksonville.com

The Jaguars have had internal discussions about Tim Tebow, according to a source, but have not had formal trade discussions with the Denver Broncos for the former Gators quarterback. Now that Denver has signed Peyton Manning, the Broncos will likely begin serious discussions with teams about the former Gators quarterback this evening. It's unclear whether those conversations will involve the Jaguars.

Listen up, Jaguars: Super distraction Tebow a sideshow, not a QB

Forget Terrell Owens or Randy Moss or Brandon Marshall or any other player who supposedly is nothing but a major distraction. The biggest distraction for any team right now is the lefty quarterback with a cult following who happens to be the most polarizing figure in sports, even if it isn't his own doing. So I ask this: How does a team trade for Denver's Tim Tebow? Mostly, I'm talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Gene Frenette: Don't acquire Tim Tebow just to spur ticket sales | jacksonville.com

After a decade of putting the Jaguars on the defensive with his brilliant quarterback play, Peyton Manning did it again Monday with his decision to join the Denver Broncos. He made Jacksonville’s favorite football son, Tim Tebow, available to his hometown franchise for the right trading price.

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