NFL Important Dates for Jaguars Fans:

March 5, 4:00 PM: End of period to designate franchise/transition players

Why it matters: Likely "Josh Scobee Day".

March 13, 4:00 PM: Start of free agency, trades

Why it matters: Jaguars officially lose the rights to Guy Whimper, Matt Roth, Josh Scobee, CJ Mosley, Dwight Lowery, Rashean Mathis, Luke McCown, and Guy Whimper, Nick Harris, David Jones, CC Brown. Last three don't really matter much IMO.

March 13, 4:00 PM: Latest possible date for start of restricted free agency signing period (actual starting date not clear). Teams must have tendered their restricted free agents by this date to retain a right of first refusal and a right to draft choice compensation. Other teams can offer contracts to other teams' restricted free agents as of this date

Why it matters: Jaguars can match the offer to Brock Bolden, Courtney Greene, William Middleton, Russell Allen, Leger Douzable, and Nate Collins if another team offers them a better contract than what the Jaguars have.

March 13, 4:00 PM: Exclusive rights free agents must be offered a minimum salary contract by this time for teams to retain exclusive negotiating rights.

March 26-28: Annual league meeting.

April 1: Beginning of offseason workout program for teams with new head coaches (Jaguars).

April 16: Beginning of offseason workout program for other teams.

April 21: Likely end of restricted free agency period, teams can no longer offer other teams' restricted free agents contracts. This date might fall earlier depending on an agreement between the NFLPA and NFL. The CBA states this is the latest date for restricted free agency to end.

(Restricted free agents (RFAs) are players who have three or more accrued seasons of service and whose contracts have expired. RFAs have received qualifying offers from their old clubs and are free to negotiate with any club until a deadline which occurs approximately a week prior to the NFL Draft (for 2010 the deadline was April 15), at which time their rights revert to their original club. If a player accepts an offer from a new club, the old club will have the right to match the offer and retain the player. If the old club elects not to match the offer, it may receive draft-choice compensation depending on the level of the qualifying offer made to the player.)

April 25: Last date for teams to match offers made to their restricted free agents by other teams.

April 26: NFL Draft, first round.

April 27: NFL Draft, second and third round.

April 28: NFL Draft, fourth through seventh round.

**Please let me know if anyone knows the ending of restricted free agency (RFA). I could actually be one-two days off**

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