2012 NFL Draft: Pro Day Attendance 3/6 (UAB, Georgia, Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Liberty, Buffalo, Illinois)

Georgia Tech (3/6)

The only team that didn't attend the Georgia Tech Pro Day today was the San Francisco 49ers, which is curious considering they have a big need at receiver and Stephen Hill would arguably be of good value when the 49ers are on the clock at pick 30. The Jaguars were one of the 31 teams that did show up to see Hill and company.

Notable Prospects:
WR Stephen Hill
DE Jason Peters

Liberty (3/6)

Per Josh Buchanan, seven NFL personnel from five teams showed up to the Liberty Pro Day, but the Jaguars weren't one of them. There were two representatives each from the Raiders and Ravens and one scout each from the Panthers, Chargers and Seahawks.

Notable Prospects:
TE Tommy Shaver
NT Asa Chapman
WR Chris Summers

Illinois (3/6)

Gil Brandt of NFL.com reports that all 32 teams were in attendance for the Illinois Pro Day and, as discussed earlier today, the Jaguars had both defensive line coach Joe Cullen and a scout in attendance.

Notable Prospects:
DE Whitney Mercilus
OT Jeff Allen
WR A.J. Jenkins

Buffalo (3/6)

According to NFL agent, Mook Williams, that was at the Buffalo Pro Day, eight teams were in attendance. The Jaguars were not one of those teams as Williams listed the Texans, Bills, Jets, Patriots, Saints, Falcons, Packers and Redskins as the teams that were there today.

Notable Prospects:
WR Marcus Rivers

UAB (3/5)

According to reports, eight teams showed up to watch the UAB Pro Day. The Colts, Texans, Titans, Dolphins, Jets, Saints, Panthers and Packers.

Notable Prospects:
OT Matt McCants
DT Elliott Henigan

Georgia (3/5)

The only two teams that didn't show up to the Georgia Pro Day were the Bears and Cowboys. Similar to the 49ers not going to the Georgia Tech Pro Day, the Cowboys not going to the Georgia Pro Day is interesting considering how many people are connecting them with OG Cordy Glenn.

Notable Prospects:
G Cordy Glenn
TE Orson Charles
CB Brandon Boykin
C Ben Jones
P Drew Butler
K Blair Walsh

Minnesota (3/5)

By most reports about 10 teams were at the Golden Gophers Pro Day and the Jaguars were one of those teams. Also in attendance were the Packers, Vikings, Patriots, Giants, Seahawks and 49ers.

Notable Prospects:
LB Gary Tinsley
WR Da'Jon McKnight
RB Duane Bennett

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