Why the old Peyton Manning is gone

First off, let me say that I both hate and appreciate what Peyton Manning has done. He was a perrinial Pro Bowler. He was a 4 time MVP, won a superbowl, holds more individual records for quarter backs than i have fingers, and was the bane of the Jaguars exsistance for the past 10+ years. More importantly, he was the quarterback that regularly crushed the Jaguars hopes. I dont think i have to explain to all of you the feeling of your team heading to the playoffs, only to be crushed by a QB that picks apart your defense like its a high school squad.

But I think we have heard enough praise about Peyton to last us a lifetime. He was great, but I am here to state the case that it will not continue. While Peyton has broken many of the records in the history books; I believe that he will follow the trend of the quarterbacks before him. A few great QBs have switched teams before Peyton. Donovan McNabb, Steve McNair, and Joe Montana are the few that come to my mind, and all of them declined. Because of both their age, and the transition to a new team. But dont take my word for it, the stats tell all.

Donovan McNabb

2009 PHI: Completion %: 60.3 Yards: 3,553 TDs: 22 INT: 10 Rating: 92.9
2010 WAS: Completion %: 57.9 Yards: 3,377 TDs: 14 INT: 15 Rating: 77.1

Steve McNair

2005 TEN: Completion % 61.3 Yards: 3161 TDs: 16 INT: 11 Rating: 82.4
2006 BAL: Completion % 63.0 Yards: 3050 TDs: 16 INT: 12 Rating: 82.5

Joe Montana

1990 SF: Completion %:61.7 Yards: 3,944 TD: 26 INT: 16 Rating: 89.0
1994 KC: Completion %:60.6 Yards: 3,283 TD: 16 INT: 9 Rating: 83.6

Brett Favre:

2008 GB: Completion %: 66.5 Yards: 4,155 TD: 28 INT: 15 Rating: 95.7
2009 NYJ: Completion %: 65.7 Yards: 3,472 TD: 22 INT: 22 Rating: 81.0

In the past, the general trend for QBs was downward after a transition from their team. Personally, I think Peyton Manning will still be a solid quarterback. However his past involves endless repition, a connection with his recievers, and a stable franchise behind him. Due to this, the guadey numbers from Peytons MVP days are most likely gone.

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