Rhett's Jaguars Mock

I'm sorry if you are getting tired of these, but I enjoy doing them, especially when I'm bored. This is assuming there are no trades. Also this mock draft is more of what I think will happen, and not what I want to happen necessarily.

1(#7). Melvin Ingram DE South Carolina - A really good pass rusher. He has a good rip move, spin move, and a good bull rush, has great technique, and speed to get around the corner. A blue-collar guy, and is a Gene Smith guy. His only con is his size, as he is 6'1" with short arms. But he is also very versatile, and can play 43 DE, 43 DT, 34 DE, and 34 OLB. Will be a really good player. He's the type of guy who you can rotate around your defense.

2(#40.) Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers - The Jaguars need a Z receiver, somebody who can start across from Robinson. Sanu can come in and start day 1, and be a really good player. He's a good receiver, who has a strong body that he uses to shield off defenders to make catches. Has big strong hands who is very reliable and makes a lot of tough catches, he's very hard to press at the line, and gets off the line quick. Route running needs some work, but Jerry Sullivan can help him with that, and not a big play threat. He'll make 7 and 8 yard catches all game. But you will rarely see him catch anything over 30 yards. Something to note, is Sanu never had a good QB, and was constantly targeted by his poor QB, if it was a pass play, the defense already knew where the ball was being thrown, and it was often a poor pass.

3(#70). Brian Quick WR Appalachian State - Slides right into Gene Smith's lap. He's a big receiver 6'4" 220 lbs, with long arms He's not very fast, as he's a 4.55 guy, and isn't very quick, and isn't a good route runner. And he tends to drop some easy balls. But with some coaching, can turn into a really good player, he has very high potential, and Sullivan can turn him into a great.

4(#101). Ladarius Green TE UL Lafayette - Might have to start out in the NFL as a receiver, until he learns how to block. If he does become a full time tight end, he will have to bulk up from about 238 lbs to at least 250. He's 6'6" and ran a 4.53 40 at the combine, which is faster than Brian Quick. Lined up at tight end, if teams put a linebacker on him, it'll turn out deadly, because it's like putting a linebacker on a receiver. He's a great athlete, and at 6'6" with a 35" vertical and 34.5" arms, Gabbert can easily toss it up to Green, and know he will be coming down with it. Needs some work on route running. But a guy like this, can really help Gabbert's development.

5(#142). Levy Addock OT Oklahoma State - A depth pick, a guy who can possibly be a low end starter at Right Tackle or Guard with some development.

6(#174). Ryan Davis DE Bethune-Cookman - A small school guy who the Jaguars have already looked at. At Bethune-Cookman's pro day, Davis had a personal workout with Joe Cullen, per He's 6'2.5" 259 lbs. He had 21 TFL and 12 sacks last season. He is considered a pass rushing specialist, and has good snap anticipation and good burst. Will need some time to develop, and hopefully doesn't turn into another Larry Hart. But he is a 6th round pick, so if he doesn't make the roster, the Jags didn't risk anything.

7(#228). Dale Moss WR South Dakota State - His stock is rising, and Gene would be very happy to land him here. He only played 1 year of NCAA football, as he was a basketball player, but he's a work out warrior with a 4.38-4.45 40 yard dash, 41.5' vert, 10'10" broad, and 6.32 3 cone drill. That 6.32 3 cone drill is .18 faster than Chris Rainey's fastest 3-cone drill at the combine. What is also funny is Chris Rainey is 5'8" and excels at agility and quickness drills. Most short prospects do excel at those drills. Moss is 6'3" 213 lbs.

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