My Ideal Draft Scenario

Keep in mind that while viewing this that I do not expect this to actually take place come the draft. It is all hypothetical and not to be taken seriously. With this being the first offseason that I've taken a fair amout of time to examine some of the prospects closer, I developed a wish list of players that I'd like to see on the team. I've been outspoken about them before but I'll list them again, for the sake of this post. They are:

1) Georgia Tech WR Stephen Hill

2) Marshall DE Vinny Curry

3) Boise State RB Doug Martin

4) (a) FIU WR T.Y. Hilton

4) (b) Wake Forest WR Chris Givens

This hypothetical draft scenario is aimed to present a potential realistic situation where the Jags could end up with these players. The first thing that would need to happen is for the first six picks to work out as follows:

1) Colts - Andrew Luck

2) Redskins - RGIII

3) Vikings - Matt Kalil

4) Browns - Trent Richardson

5) Bucs - Morris Claiborne

6) Rams - Justin Blackmon

Very similar to Alfie's two round mock draft, with Michael Floyd being the Rams pick instead of Justin Blackmon. So should this happen, that leaves room for the Jags to make this trade with Browns to get Tannehill right before the Dolphins do at #8. They get our seventh overall pick and we get their 22nd, 36th (2nd) and 99th (4th) overall (This trade is courtesy of commentor Guillaume Soquet from Adam's article about "How Much Could Jaguars Get In A Trade for 7th Overall Pick"). From the chart in Adam's article, that appears to be a very realistic trade.

After the trade that leaves us in position to get Hill at 22, Martin at 34 (had to give up a 5th to trade up two spots to jump the Bucs who could select Martin [referenced from Alfie's mock]), Curry at 36 and either Hilton or Givens with our original third round pick (Hilton being the choice if both are available). That would leave Gene with two early 4th round picks, an early 6th and a mid round 7th to add depth at other positions. Also, this would fill every major hole on the team, only leaving the RT position in question with Britton currently being a question mark.

I could go into detail about where I think these players would fit on our team but with the uncertainty of the draft and this having about a zero percent chance of happening, I'll just not. Again, this is not be taken serious but all opinions are encouraged.

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