Some Thoughts on the Eve of the Draft

Some very good discussion has gone down on the site in the past days as we near the draft, and a lot of it got me really thinking. I also have been looking around the twittersphere and have read some very interesting twweets that have got me thinking as well.

Just want to hit on a couple of thoughts that have stuck out to me.


Now obviously a lot is speculation, but this has me thinking that Minnesota might really be in a strong position to move out of the spot, and the Jets are more likely to trade up earlier for T-Rich than they are for Ingram @7. Upsetting to think about, since a move out of 7 is the best move for the Jags in my mind.


A tweet like this, while not the original one that got me thinking does reference a very interesting point. Chandler Jones is a really good football player, and he very well could be the kind of player that Gene will consider at 7. Not saying Gene is valuing him high, but when push comes to shove, Jones has so much you want to see out of a DE, and he does thinks so well, that in reality, he might actually make sense as the 7th pick overall.

3) This whole Blackmon has to be the pick if he falls to 7 is sheer lunacy. The guy is short (for such a high pick), has questionable speed (sure his workouts suggest otherwise, but you watch tape and you start to question how fast he actually plays, and if he will be quick enough in pads to succeed a lot at the NFL level) and is just a questionable pick as a whole. With the 7th overall pick, with the current roster, I am not sure the Jaguars can afford to take too much of a risk. You need to build up a roster first by establishing a core of quality talent. Then, once the core is established, you can afford to be risky with your picks, but once that core is established, you usually are picking significantly lower than 7th overall.

If you want to go WR at 7, you definitely do want a home-run pick, and therefore you want a guy with a high enough floor who has as high a ceiling as possible. Everything taken into consideration, I think that WR is Michael Floyd. What he might lack in game speed(and I am not so sure he really does lack game speed), he makes up in size. The guy is going to be a good receiver in the NFL. I think the only questions with him are whether he is good or takes the next step to be great, and whether he stays sober when behind the wheel(and I genuinely believe that he is a new person in that regard and is really going to try his hardest to behave).

4) As for my take with respect to the 7th pick, and what I think is the best course of action for the Jaguars. I have watched highlights(and in some instances, lowlights) of a good amount of the early round prospects, and I can honestly say that with the exception of Luck, RG3, Kalil, Claiborne, T-Rich, a good amount of the other first round prospects would seem to me to grade out fairly closely. By that I mean that I think that beyond the 5 guys listed above, just about any way the rest of the first round plays out seems as reasonable to me as any other. For this reason, I think that the Jaguars should trade out of their pick as long as it is a swap of first rounders and it nets at worst an additional 3rd rounder. Obviously, Gene should expect to get more for a bigger drop in the round, but if the best offer Gene receives is from Cleveland who is willing to give up Atlanta's pick and a 3rd rounder, I think it might be worth it to pull the trigger and make the deal, even though by most year's standards, it is too little to give up.

As for the actual pick, it is imperative to take the best player on your board. Need should play into the board, so two identically rated players will be placed on the board differently based upon need. A couple of guys who right now are my favorite prospects in the first are Dave Decastro, Stephen Hill, Chandler Jones, Michale Floyd, and Coby Fleener. Whether one of these guys is the pick, I highly doubt it, but these are some guys I would really like to see as the pick.

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