23rd hour Mock

Here's my last minute take. I've only project trades for the Jags to keep things rather simplistic and only included a little bit of feedback on each pick. So you don't have to scroll through the entire draft to see who drafted, here's my projected entire draft for the Jags with the first round and further explanations for our picks after the jump.

Chandler Jones DE

Stephen Hill WR

Dwayne Allen TE

Brian Quick WR

Josh Chapman DT

Chris Greenwood CB

Nate Potter OT

Ryan Davis DE

Colts: Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford

Rams: Robert Griffin III | QB | Baylor

Vikings: Matt Kalil | OT | USC

-at the end of the day, they realize it’s a no brainer

Browns: Justin Blackmon | WR | OSU

-it’s a passing league, so they settle for less talent at a lesser position

Buccaneers: Trent Richardson | RB | Alabama

-the bucs side with the mentality of pounding the rock and take by far the best prospect left

Rams: Morris Claiborne | CB | LSU

-too much value to pass up

Jaguars give Eagles 1.7 and 4.6 overall for 1.16 2.14 3.15

Eagles: Fletcher Cox | DT | Missisissipi State

-the eagles sell out looking for a premier big man

Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill | QB | Texas A&M

-it’s either here or not at all in the first

Panthers: Mark Barron | SS | Alabama

-my friends from mobile have been telling me all along this guy is special, it seems gms are starting to see that too

Buffalo Bills: Luke Kuechly | MLB | Buffalo

-a good match

Chiefs: David DeCastro | OG | Stanford

-he’s only this low because of this position, but his ability to create a running game will prevent him from going much lower

Seahawks: Michael Brockers | DT | LSU

-the poor man’s Cox will still get selected highly because of his potential

Cardinals: Michael Floyd | WR | Notre Dame

-appeasing fitzgerald has some good value

Cowboys: Stephon Gilmore | CB | USC

-adds some tenacity to this secondary

Jaguars: Chandler Jones | DE | Syracuse

-gene takes another risk in the first round this year, but he needs a big draft to impresses the new owner

Bengals: Cordy Glenn | OT | Georgia

-the best, most versatile linemen available

Chargers: Melvin Ingram | OLB | USC

-a great fit for a team looking for pass rushers

Bears: Whitney Mercilus | DE | Illinois

-pass rushers are flying off the board and the bears pounce

Tennessee Titans: Dre Kirkpatrick | CB | Alabama

-loosing finnegan will be big, adding drek would be too

Bengals: Doug Martin | RB | Boise

-another solid pick like glenn that will immediately contribute on a young, ascending team

Browns: Coby Fleener | TE | Stanford

-the browns may look to add more glitz to mccoy’s arsenal

Steelers: Dontari Poe | NT | Memphis

-he screams steelers prospect

Broncos give Jaguars 1.25 overall for 2.7 and 3.14

Jaguars: Stephen Hill | WR | GT

-this is a guy i think jerry sullivan likes and one who no one wants to see on the Texans

Texans: Riley Reiff | OT | Iowa

-they missed on hill, but they should focus on the offense line regardless unless they want to loose dominance at the point of attack

Patriots: Courtney Upshaw | OLB | Alabama

-billichick loves champions and Upshaw was a leader among champions

Packers: Shea McClellin | OLB | Boise

-they’re finally turning out first rounders

Ravens: Amini Silatolu | OG | Midwestern State

-his rise and their need make this a big possibility

49ers: Jonathon Martin | OT | Stanford

-his ole ball coach prevents him from falling out of the 1st

Patriots: Dont’a Hightower | ILB | Alabama

-easily the best player available

Giants: Rueben Randle | WR | LSU

-a young, high potential guy who would fit well for the giants outside

Jaguars rest of the way

2.14 Dwayne Allen | TE | Clemson

-I think Malarkey wants another TE and will lobby early for one, allen could be it as he’s big, runs good routes, and blocks well too

3.7 Brian Quick | WR | App. State

-they may end up moving up for quick, but at the end of the draft I think he’ll be in teal

4.6 Josh Chapman | DT | Alabama

-gene’s first SEC player! Chapman would provide a good insurance and a back up for knighton

5.7 Chris Greenwood | CB | Abion

- and the small school kids continue

6.7 Nate Potter | OT | Boise

-for some reason, by all indications he looks to fall hard

7.? Ryan Davis | DE | Bethune Cookman

-the jags can’t pass up on this grad of mathis’s alma matter

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