Surprise Picks For The Jags

Surprise Jaguar Picks

When it comes to the Jaguars pick 7th overall in the 2012 NFL draft, the options seem few. We need pass rushers and wide receivers. Everyone knows that. If Claiborne or Blackmon fall, they’d probably be picked in that order. Otherwise we are often mocked DE’s like Quinton Coples and Melvin Ingram or Michael Floyd. These players may very well be our top pick, but like 2010, there may be a sleeper out there we may not be aware of. My list is, in short, the Alualu list. Who are the players that may be BAP on Gene Smith’s draft board at pick 7? Like Alualu, these players may be worth top ten picks according to Gene, but if teams are sleeping on them enough we may trade down and still draft them.

My featured sleeper is Shea McClellin Boise State 43 DE/34 OLB/34 ILB. If you don’t have any preconceived notions about him, you may think wow this guy is really a good option. And in general you realize the more you study him the more there is to like about him and the fewer things there are to dislike about him(I hear negatives like “too energetic”). The easiest way to sum him up is to call him the Alualu of DE’s. Like Alualu he’s rated as a late 1st or early 2nd round pick by pundits, but there is no reason he shouldn’t be picked higher, other than people are sleeping on him. By every standard of rating DE’s he grades well.

He’s 6’3” 260lbs, 40 Time: 4.63, 10 Split: 1.57, 3 Cone 7.07, Short Shuttle 4.33, 9’10” Broad Jump, 31.5 vert

So in other words He jumped as high as Coples.

He ran a faster 40 and 10 split than Coples(4.78), Ingram(4.78), or Mercilus(4.68). Shea had the best 10 split of any 43 End at the combine.

He jumped further than Coples and Ingram by 9 inches

He blew away Mercilus(7.17/4.53) and Coples(7.57/4.78) on the 3 cone and short shuttle

And if you look at his size he’s as heavy as Ingram, Mercilus, or even our own Aaron Kampman. He’s as tall as Kampman, Mercilus, and Mincey. And he’s taller than Ingram and he has longer arms than Ingram too.

Enough measurables/combine stuff. If you look at his production, he produced a good amount of sacks/tackles for loss/tackles/FF despite playing all over the defense. He’s played 43 LDE, 43 RDE, 34 LDE, 34 RDE, 34 LOLB, 34 ROLB, 34 ILB Will and Mike. He’s rushed the passer from a 3 point and 2 point. He’s dropped in coverage, and he plays against the run.

If you watch his film you see he’s really savvy rushing the passer. You see that he has a nice set of pass rush moves. Bull, rip, spin etc. And he has counter moves, and what I call chain moves(Something I got from when I used to wrestle): planned moves that you do one after the other like in a chain reaction type of way, which is important for finishing. He’s also got good feet and bend to run the arc. He also has good strong hands for getting off blocks and for tackling. He also has good burst and chase skills with good hips tackling in space(Something Coples and Ingram struggle with).

On film you also see he can stack and shed better than someone his size usually does. In fact I’d say he’s better against the run than Ingram, Mercilus, or maybe even Coples. He’s smart in watching backside plays and keeping his lane assignments. Something extremely underrated about him is his ability to stay on his feet, something our staff covets in a player, like they did Alualu. And no wonder he has good feet being that McClellin is good ole farm boy that was a 3 sport athlete.

If you look at his durability you can’t get much better than starting his last 37 consecutive games. And if you look back further in his history you realize just how much of an athlete he really is. In high school he was Western Idaho’s Offensive AND Defensive player of the year, where he was super productive as a RB and LB. He also starred as a basketball and baseball player.

And his character is very good. He’s a leader. He has a great and tenacious motor. He’s country strong, even as much as so that after the combine he went back to his grandparent’s house to work on the family farm fence, in a town of 1000.

If you think drafting him at 7 is a little high, try comparing him to 2nd overall pick Chris long who had very similar measurables and playing ability and he has now developed in the NFL to be a great and underrated player at 43LDE with the Rams. I think we’d be best served to trade down to draft him, but don’t be surprised if Gene pulls the trigger at 7 and drafts him.

Other sleepers in the first round(Not just at 7, but some lower picks in case we trade down in the first)

Stephen Hill – Raw but natural and physical specimen. Gene normally likes extremely productive WR’s, but he doesn’t mind raw players as long as they have natural ability and physical skill, and Hill has it in spades.

Rueben Randle – Similar to Hill, except not as physically gifted, but he’s also not as raw.

Stephon Gilmore – He has some bad tape, but the bad that I saw can be coached out of him or fixed with experience. He reminds me a lot a lot a lot of Rashean Mathis. He’s built similar to Mathis. He’s got similar speed and quickness. He’s got similar ball skills. He’s got the same physicality as a tackler. He’s smart in zone and instinctive. He’s also a gambler that can become our replacement squat LCB. Behind a good front 7 he might become a better player than Claiborne. Despite being a true Junior(A plus), he started 40 games, which is usually a really good sign at CB.

Mentions: Chandler Jones, David Decastro, Riley Reiff, Nick Perry, Whitney Mercilus, Fletcher Cox, Jerel Worthy, Luke Kuechly, Mark Barron

This was written a while and I got an update since writting this. I was not aware that Shea has had concussion issues. That obvious make a big difference. Kind of angry I waited to so long to publish this. It would have had a lot more shock factor, because at the time most people hadn't heard of him and those that had considered him a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

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