Blackmon Trade: What History Says the Jaguars Gave Up



First let me thank Brad Hill (@jaguarsblog and @californiajag) for the microphone on his Jaguarsblog Twitter account last night. Been a while since I have corresponded with many of you and the banter was entertaining and informative. It gave me insight into many of your thoughts prior to the Jaguars selection. There was much gnashing of teeth over a potential trade-up considering the context of the move was specific to acquiring Justin Blackmon. No need to share what some of those tweets were but if you want to see them you can find them.

When Tania Ganguli expressed that the fan based should not be shocked the Jaguars were considering trading up my reaction was specific to their well publicized desire to trade down and get more draft picks. Additionally there was the inevitable fear the team would be giving up far too much for a receiver not considered a "traditional" X wideout. Letting the universe have its way and not stressing over things out of our control inevitably disclosed what at first impression was a solid move to get a receiver sporting a sound resume.

Yet morning radio gave us at least one person who had to make the Tebow connection. The Ox Gator, a favorite of Sports Final Radio 1010XL, lamented what was not done to get the favorite son. Really? Amidst the joy of Gene Smith drafting a wide receiver with fewer questions than past head shakers of Reggie Williams and Matt Jones the Tebow Card is played? What a buzz kill.

It made me wonder what the 4th round has given to the Jaguars fan base. Not sure this makes you like the trade any better. Some names will stand out due to the trade value we got from them (Rob Johnson), the potential they had before injury (Tavian Banks), time wasted waiting for them to elevate their game (David Garrard) or their performance on the field (Seth Payne).

Nothing scientific, just interesting information to impress your friends and family with.

1995 - Rob Johnson QB USC and Mike Thompson DT Wisconsin

1996 - Reggie Barlow WR Alabama St

1997 - Seth Payne DT Cornell

1998 - Tavian Banks RB Iowa and Harry Deligianis LB Youngstown St

1999 - Kevin Landolt DT WVU

2000 - Joey Chustz OT La Tech

2001 - No Pick

2002 - David Garrard QB E. Carolina and Chris Luzar TE UVA

2003 - George Wrightster TE Oregon and LeBrandon Toefield RB LSU

2004 - Anthony Maddox DT Delta St and Ernest Wilford WR Va Tech

2005 - Alvin Pearman RB UVA

2006 - No Pick

2007 - Brian Smith DE MO

2008 - No Pick

2009 - Mike Thomas WR AZ

2010 - No Pick

2011 - Cecil Shorts III WR Mount Union and Chris Prosinski S Wyoming

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