Jagsrok9008's WAY TOO EARLY Draft Grades

I know it is early to really grade but here is my quick grading of the Jags' 2012 NFL Draft






Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State

I have had ample time to really digest the pick, and as a whole I really do not like this pick. Blackmon is a nice player, but I genuinely do not believe he is worthy of a top 10 selection, and I most definitely do not think he was worth trading up for. The only positive I see in this is that WR was a position of huge need and Gene obviously REALLY liked him and saw him as value at 5, and so I guess he might be better than I actually think. If that is the case, the trade was a very fair one, and this move was actually not all that bad



Andre Branch DE Clemson

WHAT A PICK! I think Branch was a bottom of the first talent, and I definitely think he can develop into that DE the Jags have been missing for a long while. The only issue I have with this pick is that I would have preferred to look DE in the 3rd with a guy like Janoris Jenkins still available. I do understand Gene would likely not touch Jenkins with a ten foot pole, but I would have loved to see that kind of talent acquired in round 2.



Bryan Anger P California

WHAT A (horrendous) PICK! I like Anger as a player, and I understand punter was a position of need for the team, but a 3rd round draft choice?! Really?! Give me a break! Unless you have the leg of Shane Lechler and consistently average 50 yards a punt, you are at most worth a 5th round pick, although even that is a bit high in my mind



Brandon Marshall OLB Nevada

I am going to bypass the jokes about him playing WR. To be very honest, this is one player in the draft I know nothing about. I have done some quick research on the internet and I am coming away a bit unimpressed. However, it is a 5th round selection, and I gather there are enough positives in his game, that he might contribute more than I envision him contributing.



Mike Harris CB Florida State

I think this is a VERY solid pick in the 6th round. Mike Harris is not a flashy player, but I think he can definitely be a contributor in some capacity. I look forward to seeing what he can do for this team.



Jeris Pendleton DT Ashland University

My favorite pick of the draft without a doubt. I was really scared Gene was going to have an entire draft of people from "normal" places. When I saw Ashland University as the school for this guy, I let out a major sigh and got super psyched. Seriously though, I think the fact that this guy is on the older side makes him an interesting player to bring in with the 7th rounder. He is big, and maybe Gene sees him as a nice rotational guy(or more right now) to spell Knighton every so often.


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