Draft grades!

I came up with a little idea to grade the jaguars draft. Everyone would agree the higher the pick, the more important it is. Therefore, the first round is worth 7x, the 2nd 6x, 3rd 5x, and so on. X will be determined by: A-5, B-4, C-3, D-2, F-1. Here it goes

1. Justin Blackmon: Grade-A (7*5=35 points). While I agree with many experts that he will never be the best receiver in the league, he has a very high floor and will ultimately contribute as a number 1 receiver, something the jaguars have needed for several years.

2. Andre Branch: Grade-A (6*5=30 points). Projected by many as a first round pick, he has the potential to create double digits sacks for the jaguars within the next few years and beyond. Long arms, fairly strong and very quick. He can come of the edge and clean up and create pressure.

3. Bryan Anger: Grade-D+(5*2=10 points). I believe he will be a top 3 punter for the next 15 years, but is that really seeing the field enough to be worth a HIGH third round pick? Surely, there had to be bigger contributors left on the board.

4. Traded pick: Grade-C(4*3=12 points). Pick was traded. Do not get a contributor, but the trade overall was worth getting Blackmon. Pleases the fan base, the owner, and fills a position of need.

5.Brandon Marshall: Grade-A(3*5=15 points). Admittedly, I did not know much about him when he was drafted. He seems to do everything well, though. This really is one of those "I trust the jaguars scouts and coaches" on this pick. Provides depth at both MLB and OLB, and may contribute on special teams.

6. Mike Harris: Grade-B+(2*4=8 points). Underrated in my opinion. Dismissing his combine 40 time, he seems to have the tools and experience to be able to fill the nickel role whenever the jaguars and Drew Coleman split ways.

7. Jeris Pendleton: Grade-A(5*1=5 points). This guy is exciting. He has a story, is very large and quick for his size, and was a team captain. While he is 28, he can fill in as part of the DT rotation. With such a late pick, excitement and rotation is what you really hope for.

Total score: 116 points

Possible points: 140 points

116/140= 83%....B

If you go by the reaction polls on BCC, then the jaguars grade was 98 out of 140, or 69% (D). Harsh.

The jaguars get a B on this draft. Getting about 6 snaps a game out of the 3rd round is what killed it. Perhaps a trade back would have provided an extra pick and controlled the damage a little bit. Three years from now I think the only grade that changes, however, is Bryan Angers. I think it goes from a D to a C, while the others hold their grade. Time will tell.

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