The Real Draft We Should Be Grading

Earlier in the week I made a post grading our 2012 draft class. Obviously, anything we say about the 2012 draft class is less than speculative. I came up with a scoring method on how to grade the draft, and will use the same method:

"I came up with a little idea to grade the jaguars draft. Everyone would agree the higher the pick, the more important it is. Therefore, the first round is worth 7x, the 2nd 6x, 3rd 5x, and so on. X will be determined by: A-5, B-4, C-3, D-2, F-1."

This time, we will be grading the draft we should be grading: the 2009 draft. Here we go.

1. Eugene Monroe: Grade: A (7*5=35 points)- I am sick of fans complaining about Monroe's play. He is a top ten tackle in this league, and has several years left in his prime. Really the anchor of the offensive line.

2. Eben Britton: Grade: B (6*4=24 points)- Britton can be a solid starter if he can stay healthy. That has proven to be the question, however. Can he stay on the field long enough to be counted on? Either way, I like the pick. Going tackle in first and second was gutsy, but paid off.

3. Derek Cox and Terrance Knighton: Grade: A++(5*5=25 points)-Booooom goes the dynamite. 'Nough said. We will give 3 bonus points on top of the 25 for this round.

4.Mike Thomas: Grade: A-(4*5=20 points)-He may have slacked pretty hard in 2011, but he was the best receiver on the team for a couple years and I am confident he will be a very solid slot receiver in the future. If he is utilized correctly, he can be a playmaker for the offense.

5.Jarrett Dillard: Grade: C+(3*3=9 points)-Has not come into his own yet. Scored his first TD for the Jaguars in 2011, but many feel he did not live up to potential. Either way, not a terrible 5th round pick.

6. Zach Miller: Grade: B(2*4=8 points)-This is his make or break year. He has a real chance to still be a playmaker for this team if he can stay healthy, and thats all you can ask for out of a 6th round pick

7. Tiquan Underwood and Rashad Jennings: Grade: A+(5*1=5 points)-Jennings is good enough to be a starter on most teams in the NFL today. He provides a great complement to MJD. Underwood contributed slightly, but is obviously no longer with the team.

Points earned: 126+3(third round bonus)=129

Total possible points: 140

129/140=92.1%= A

The initial grades for this draft were very low, especially from the national media. I saw a lot of C-'s and C's when doing my research. So, disregard every immediate draft grade and let the players set their own grade. Its the way of the NFL.

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