WTH is going on this offseason? Too many up & down moments!!

Who would've known how much adversity the Jags Front Office & we fans have endured since the announcement of the team being sold. Way too many up & down moments which I would label as an "inconsistent" offseason. However, coach MM is looking for consistency on-the-field. Seems like we have some kind of curse from keeping this a smooth sailing offseason.

1. The announcement of the team being sold to Shahid Khan was great news, at least until they indicated that the structure of the contract/lease written had nothing in regards to the Jags staying in Jacksonville as promised, besides a verbal agreement between Weaver & Khan.

2. GM Gene Smith is given a 3yr contract extension, which he eventually signed after pleading not to in the beginning. That definitely raised a load of eye brows & dropped a few jaws as low as the ground, due to the finger pointing that was in play while JDR was still HC.

3. Moving along to UFA, a bold statement by rookie Owner Shahid Khan pumped the crowd up by saying things like "we will spend to the cap," which further excited most of JagNation, thinking the Jags were gonna be HUGE players in FA. FA arrives & not much happened on day one as we were previously linked to practically every UFA WR. Our first signing was ex-Cowboy WR Laurent Robinson. Some fans were for it, some fans thought there would be another huge signing. The Jags FA period was solely based on signing their own, which they did (DE Jeremy Mincey, FS Dwight Lowery, CB Rashaen Mathis, etc). We did sign WR Lee Evans & CB Aaron Ross, which I think were great signings, I just figured they would've brought in one more polished receiver not named Lee Evans.

4. Draft time finally arrives, & Gene Smith (potentially ordered by Khan) moved up a couple slots (losing a sleasy 4th round pick??) & selects arguably the number 1 receiver in the entire NFL Draft.The second day looked just as good, until of course the selection of a punter which lead to alot of controversy. The rest of the draft was solid to say the least.

5. After the signing of Peyton Manning, Denver decides to put Tebow on the market, via trade. Of course, he's linked to Jax (being a native of Duval). So somehow the Jets worked out a trade which would send Tebow to New York, but something was wrong in the contract so the NFL denies the trade the same day. At this point, the Jags were surely ALL IN, ordered by Khan, it basically came down to the hometown Jaguars, or the NY Jets. Little did I know that the Jags would've been ideal for a player like Tebow, however, "he" chose the Jets. The Jags even re-raised their anty & would've given up more than what the Jets offered, but I guess "everything happens for a reason, right?" Some Jags even pouted, but the Jags indeed tried & came out as the winners in this particular scenario.

6. Our first round pick, Justin Blackmon, was charged with a DUI somewhere in Oklahoma. With the CBA rules in effect, teams can't discipline their own guys, the NFL have the last say. Disappointment lingered from the actions taken by Blackmon, & something to spice that story up was he blew 3 times the limit & this was his second conviction. Blackmon demonstrated great attitude, he seemed to be completely over his first incident & this simply came as a shock. No word on what the NFL plans on doing to Justin, but he brought shame to himself & the entire organization.

7. MJD was never really a "big" story until now. He usually practices on his own during voluntary camps, but he's definitely out there with his team when its mandatory, well, not this time. I believe there is an argument for both sides, but I believe that "performance defines value of player" & MJD has made the most of his opportunities, as he carried this team on his shoulder's since the departure of the "legendary future HOF RB, Freddy T," who elected to finish up his career elsewhere but still retired as a Jag & will be inducted into the Ring of Honor on September 30th, 2012, at home versus the Bengals. However, even that felt like a good story to get ALL the attention off Blackmon & add more optimism around the Jags in general. This is where we stand, it seems like its problem after problem even when you try to stay optimistic.

What's next for this team? Do I really wanna know? Have we actually had a deadzone this offseason?

IDK nor do I have any of the answers, but I really hope the Jags can focus on what needs to be done!!!

Your thoughts are ALL welcome!

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