Jaguars Minicamp Report: Attention To Detail

June 12, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey during minicamp at Florida Blue Health & Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

JACKSONVILLE, FL - The Jacksonville Jaguars finished up the final practice of their three-day minicamp on Thursday with practice getting a bit sloppy as it wound down. While the team had a sloppy day, they still seemed positive and up tempo through the end of the practice. There's one thing that you notice right away in the two practices with Mike Mularkey compared to some of the practices with the prior coaching staff.

Attention to detail.

Mularkey seems like a stickler to detail, even in the most minor things. For instance, early in practice when the players lined up to stretch before going off to drills, they all line up and place their helmets to their side, lining them up in a straight line. Wide receiver Chastin West's helmet was out of line and Mularkey noticed and pointed to West, telling him he was out of line until he corrected it. It's something minor, but if you're harping on the details on something like that and paying attention to it, then you're likely to do the same in other areas.

After the jump I'll give you a couple of thoughts as well as an interesting note or two I saw on Twitter.

  • Mularkey indicated after practice the offense for the most part is installed, which would mean the team's offense should like quite a bit different than in year's past. There's a lot more three-wide sets, a lot more motion, and you actually saw quarterback Blaine Gabbert audible and adjust plays at the line.
  • The wide receivers struggled to bring in the football today. It may have just been a lack of concentration thing, as the veterans are off for the next few weeks before the start of training camp. Laurent Robinson, Mike Thomas, and Kevin Elliot all had lapses catching the football.
  • Justin Blackmon had one bad drop, but outside of that seemed to catch anything within his radius. He still seems to struggle to break away from coverage down the football field, but anything sub-15 yards or over the middle he has been money. He was praised by Mike Mularkey for having a good week of practice and rightfully so.
  • Mike Thomas was up and down the past two days that I saw and had some drops today. He looks like he could be pushed by Lee Evans for playing time, but I'd guess unless this continues for Thomas and spills into preseason games, his contract likely makes him safe.
  • The tight ends made a handful of plays in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 drills on Thursday. Marcedes Lewis in particular caught virtually everything thrown to him and looks like the 2010 version of himself more than the distracted 2011 version. That can only mean good news for this offense.
  • Kevin Rutland has been running as the outside cornerback opposite Derek Cox, with Aaron Ross working on the inside. Rutland was all over the field on Thursday and broke up a few plays. He's a player the team seems to like a lot and it's easy to see why.
  • After Rashad Jennings, who's looked great the past two days, the team has some guys in DuJuan Harris and Richard Murphy also showed some ability in practice.

BCC commenter and Twitterer Jpon kept a tally of the quarterbacks in the team drills.

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