Resolved: The Jaguars will win eight or more games this season.

Affirmative Constructive
In the 2011 season, the Jaguar's had a head coach who had lost his team, cut their starting quarterback the week before the season started, had an abysmal receiving corps with a defensive backs coach as their position coach, started for 14 games a rookie QB whom everyone agreed was not ready to start in the NFL whose coach was a wide receivers coach, finished the season with five cornerbacks and five safeties including three starters on IR, continually faced eight-, nine-, ten?-man boxes and still had the league's leading rusher without capable backup runner or starting right tackle, picked up a free agent punter who led the league in shanks, but still had the sixth-ranked defense and won five games. The 2012 Jaguars will better that record by at least three games.

Cross-Ex of Aff by Neg
Personnel and depth issues are the responsibility of the general manager, and the team retained the same general manager who drafted or signed or scouted every player on the team, including the failure to draft a Heisman-winning QB the new owner said he would have taken.
Several rookie QBs played at a very high or record-setting level last year, some with rookie receivers.
League-leading rushers are passé. It's a passing league now. The team that won the Super Bowl had the worst rushing attack in the league.
Their upgraded receiving corps includes a free agent who's had one decent season, a community college guy and a number one pick who keeps getting arrested for DUI.

Negative Constructive
The Jag's franchise QB ranked 34th out of a 32-team league, shied from contact, ran from the pocket, missed open receivers. They have no pass rush; their "star" is a retread who was fortunate to get a career-high eight sacks. The two starting cornerbacks can't stay healthy, nor can the starting DTs.
They may have to play the season without their best player and their place kicker.
The 2012 schedule includes the AFC East and NFC North. The Jags will be lucky to win two of those eight and fortunate to match last year's five victories.

Cross-Ex of Neg by Aff
Competent coaching and an off-season will deliver a marked improvement in the QB's play. He has demonstrated an impressive ability to quickly comprehend what is described as a very complex offense and has the physical skills to place the ball accurately along the sidelines and in the "honey hole."
Players develop at different rates, and the Jags highly-respected receivers coach will teach them the intricacies of route-running and catching.
The Rushmen will be deep and relentless with the return of young players off IR, the addition of new blood and the continued growth of Knighton and Alualu.
The offensive line continues to gel and will be better with the healthy return of the player who is described as having the nastiest attitude among the bunch.
MoJo and Scobee will not leave several million dollars sitting on the table in order to take a no-expenses-paid vacation.
The Jags will at least split their cross-division games.

Affirmative Rebuttal
Playoffs seem like a distant memory.
But one does not arrive at the top of the hill from the bottom of a deep pit in one step.
The Jaguars have rebuilt their roster with a solid group of dedicated young veterans and talented rookies. They've built it the right way, from the inside out, with depth and players who have the right attitude.
The coaching staff has impressive experience and a demonstrated ability to teach.

Negative Rebuttal
Every team improves every year during the off season. They all have good free agent signings, great drafts and visions of Super Bowls dancing in their heads. Every player still on a roster has another year's experience. The Jaguars just don't have a strong enough roster to improve much, if at all, over last year's performance.

Affirmative Rejoinder
Eight wins minimum and battling for a playoff berth heading into the season's final quarter.

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