Justin Blackmon's Play All That Matters Going Forward

April 27, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars first round draft pick Justin Blackmon and owner Shad Khan listen during a press conference at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

Jacksonville Jaguars first-round pick Justin Blackmon met the the media Wednesday to discuss his aggravated DUI arrest on Sunday in Stillwater, Okla. The wide receiver was joined by Jaguars general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey, both of which essentially admonished Blackmon's behavior publicly. Blackmon lead the press conference off apologizing to everyone from Shad Khan, the owner of the Jaguars, on down to the fans of the franchise. Naturally, Blackmon couldn't really discuss the case because of the legal issues involved, but did note that he let people down and said he was done with alcohol.

Blackmon seemed remorseful and even noted he felt terrible, but some people will brush Blackmon's comments aside because he uttered the same sentiment back in 2010 when he was arrested under similar circumstances while at Oklahoma State.

Words can't fix or remedy what Blackmon has done.

Only actions can do that.

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While there was deserved anger and frustration with Blackmon picking up his second DUI charge in 20 months and just a month after he was drafted with the fifth overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, he can quickly redeem himself and put himself on Jaguars fan's good side. The one thing that will put Blackmon back into fan's good graces is his play on the football field.

The second DUI charge for Blackmon could and should be a wake up call for the 22-year old rookie.

The NFL is a job, you have to value it and take it seriously.

The Jaguars are coming off a season in which the team had the worst passing offense in the entire NFL. A big part of that was dealing with a rookie quarterback in Blaine Gabbert and a big part of it was the wide receiver position severely lacking talent.

Blackmon joins free agent Laurent Robinson as massive injections of talent into that corps. While Blackmon's legal troubles will sort themselves out, as well as potential league discipline, there's still room for Blackmon to redeem himself in the eyes of many disappointed fans. If Blackmon can go out on the football field and perform anywhere close to the level in which he did at Oklahoma State, fans will forget and forgive.

While Blackmon was rightfully admonished by media, fans, Mike Mularkey, and Gene Smith... touchdowns seem to cure everything.

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