Still Early Season Prediction

A couple of weeks back I was bored and mocked how I saw the season playing out. I decided t do another as camp opened, and I figure to do one more as the preseason concludes.

A Couple of points to make:

(A)Results are based on a bunch of situations that might get resolved quicker than I imagine (MJD situation, Blackmon situation, Mike Wallace Situation, etc.). Other than those things, I think most victors are understandable, and a few are just strange results that I envision playing out this season.

(B)For inter-division match-ups, if I felt the teams would split, I gave each the win at home, and in effect that actually might have impacted how 2 teams made the playoffs in my scenario.

(C) While I did this in Excel, I decided to make a Google document with all of the games and the winners of each game. Winners are highlighted in red, AND in the column corresponding to the team, I placed a 1 (so then I was able to have Excel total the wins for each team). The document for anyone who is interested can be found here.

(D) Like it or not, but the Jags season is not great(but not bad), but as mentioned above, with MJD and Blackmon situations a bit unclear as of right now, this is how I see things playing out

As for the end results(and only the playoff results can be found here)


Patriots 13-3
Bills 12-4
Jets 6-10
Dolphins 2-14
Texans 12-4
Jaguars 7-9
Titans 5-11
Colts 5-11
Steelers 10-6
Ravens 8-8
Bengals 8-8
Browns 3-13
Broncos 11-5
Chargers 11-5
Chiefs 5-11
Raiders 4-12


Eagles 13-3
Giants 12-4
Cowboys 8-8
Redskins 4-12
Saints 12-4
Falcons 11-5
Panthers 6-10
Buccaneers 4-12
Packers 14-2
Bears 13-3
Lions 8-8
Vikings 2-14
49ers 14-2
Cardinals 6-10
Rams 4-12
Seahawks 3-13

PLAYOFFS(Winning team in Italics) - if i screwed up match-ups in any round I do apologize. I would appreciate if you pointed them out to me.

Round #1:

Bills vs. Steelers

Chargers vs. Broncos

Giants vs. Eagles

Saints vs. Bears

Round #2:

Patriots vs. Steelers

Texans vs. Broncos

Packers vs. Giants

49ers vs. Saints

Round #3:

Patriots vs. Broncos

49ers vs. Packers

Round #4: The Super Bowl that should have been this past year

Patriots vs. 49ers

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