Jaguars Vs. Tunisia



With what is sure to be a complete annihilation looming on Tuesday at the hands of the US National Team, I'm pretty sure I could select a group of Jaguar players that would straight dominate the Tunisian Basketball National Team. Sure, Tunisia basketball has a storied past filled with greats like Hamdi Braa, Marouan Kechrid, Mohamed Hdidane and that says nothing about the greatness of Naim Dhiffallah. Knowing the strengths of the Tunisian team works in our favor. The Tunisians are a spry bunch. You don't come in 3rd in the AfroBasketball tournament by being a slouch. So our guys will need to look alive. With Coach Tucker leading the charge as our coach, I'm pretty sure we could handle the pressure with the right lineup.

So, with the First Pick of the 2012 Jaguar Olympic Draft, Chaps Mcnealy selects:

Marcedes Lewis, TE University of California Los Angeles. Despite reports that Lewis has come into camp out of shape, he has been practicing MMA. I assume that means that he has been using scrums in drills. I think that will help him out with the height disadvantages that he might come across from time to time. Lewis will be much more athletic and I expect him to run the court, helping with conditioning, which will help the Jaguars, too. Win-win. He's my starting Center. We are going small ball.

With the Second Pick, Chaps Mcnealy selects: Nathan Enderle, QB University of Idaho. Shooters. You gotta have shooters. Just looking at ole Nate here it is pretty obvious the guy can stroke the 3 ball. At 6'5" he will give my team a pretty decent sized 2-guard. He will be able to run the point as well. He has some highschool basketball experience, too.

With the Third Pick, Chaps McNealy selects: Justin Blackmon, WR University of Oklahoma State. Justin was a standout basketball player in high school. At 6'1", 215, he'll be my point guard. I envision him carrying the Derek Rose mentality in games. Using his strength and ability to adjust after contact will serve him well in the paint. I'm sure we will be in store for some highlight-type dunks over Nizar Knioua. Nizar isnt known for his ability to take a tough charge. Blackmon is the pick without a doubt here.

With the Fourth Pick, Chaps Mcnealy selects: Greg Jones, FB Florida State University. Just having Jones out there in a basketball jersey is as intimimidating as it gets. Who's driving to the basket with Jones there ready to hack-a-Shaq? Tunisia better be on from the outside cause my Power Forward at only 6'1" is ready to do some damage.

With the Fifth Pick, Chaps McNealy selects: Kevin Elliot, WR Florida A&M University. Kevin is just flat-out athletic and has heart for days. He will be the type of Small Forward that gets after the loose ball, takes the charge, and commits the hard foul. He will really do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Although it will be a tough game, I'm pretty sure the Jaguars take it 78-72. It will be close down the stretch but I think Greg Jones breaks someone's arm on a touch-foul in the early fourth and Tunisia never regains their focus.

I can't figure out subs, though. Any ideas?

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