Is Maurice's holdout helping the Jaguars?


As we all know by now, Maurice Jones-Drew is holding out, because he wants a new contract, one that would extend his tenure with the team and give him more money. Because Maurice wasn't reporting to camp, Jalen Parmele was signed. If Maurice was in camp, he'd be getting his fair share amount of reps, especially while learning the new offense.

Because Maurice isn't here, Rashad Jennings, Jalen Parmele, Dujuan Harris, Montell Owens are all getting more reps.

  • Rashad Jennings is a stud, and he's reportedly looking good in camp. He's a lock for the #2 running back position.
  • Jalen Parmele is unknown to most of us fans, he's a vet, and has played for a few teams around the league. Well, it's being reported that he's impressing and playing very well in camp thus far. He can also play special teams, but I'm not sure if he's capable of returning.
  • Dujuan Harris is a UDFA from last year, and he was our kick returner last season. I haven't heard about him thus far in camp.
  • Montell Owens is one of the top special teamers in the NFL. He was a backup for Greg Jones, but never got much time at fullback. Now there giving him reps in camp, and he's looking quite good, breaking off nice runs consistently.

So, with Maurice Jones-Drew holding out, we found a stud sitting on our depth chart playing special teams, and signed another stud. The #3 running back spot, is going to be a 4 way battle it looks like, and it can go anyway.

Bold = Roster Lock Italics = Special Teams

Jalen Parmele vs. Dujuan Harris vs. Montell Owens vs. Richard Murphy

Montell Owens is a lock, due to his special teams ability. Dujuan Harris can return kicks, so thats a bonus. Jalen Parmele can be a gunner, and possibly return kicks. Richard Murphy, I'm unsure if he has special teams talent.

As of right now, Jalen Parmele and Montell Owens have the shown the most talent, and are leading the race for the job. If I was Mike Mularkey, I'd make Parmele the #3 back, and make Owens the #2 fullback, but Owens will be the #4 back if he's needed to be.

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