Big Quarterback Controversy For Jaguars

July 27, 2012; Jacksonville FL, USA; Fans greet Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Jordan Palmer (5) after the first afternoon of training camp practice at Florida Blue Health & Wellness Practice Fields. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-US PRESSWIRE

The Jaguars will have to find a new solution by Week 4 or risk losing the team entirely.

It's no secret that Blaine Gabbert has not made the necessary progress that a top-5 first round pick should make to be better. Vito Stellino tweeted that, on Monday, only one out of 12 passes were complete. How am I to expect our starting quarter back to be any better when he can't complete more than 10% of passes in practic? It is inevitable that Gabbet will be pulled by Week 2, if he makes it to Week 4 then it be a miracle.

Now, I haven't been to any of the training camps, but from what people have been telling me is that Gabbert has got to go the way of Leftwhich. And Chad Henne isn't the answer either. He got let got and the Miami chose Garrard to replace him. Garrard did not deserve what he got last year, but Gabbert did. Watch as Miami contends for the AFC East against the Jets and Tebow. Since the Jags muffed the Tim Tebow trade like its drafted many many wide receivers, it's time for Mike mularkey to make a change. Chad Henne is not the answer and I don't know who Nate Enderle is. No, mark my words! By Week 4, the Jaguars starting quarterback will be...

Jordan Palmer.

If you think about it, Palmer has the tools to be great. He broke many records at UTEP. His senior year QB rating was 149.6. If you listen to Jaws or Gruden, not once do they talk about Palmer being scared in the pocket or doing a bad job anticipating the rush. Unlike Gabbert. Never have you heard the local media dis Jordan's mechanics. None!

And he's the brother of Carson Palmer. Carson Palmer was a stud at USC and his brother was a stud at UTEP. Isn't there another pair of excellent QB brothers in the league now that this sounds like? Just saying, Jordan and Carson Palmer are the next Eli and Payton Manning. Imagine, we can have 3 Super Bowls like Eli and Peyton. Three Super Bowls! But not under Blaine. He's scared. Look at the tape! Scared. Even Mike Florio doesn't like Gabbert. What's there to like? I challenge you to find one criticism by the national media of Jordan Palmer during this camp. Nope, won't find it.

Jordan Palmer is the best kept secret that the Jaguars have. Mularkey must have talked to Vito and Tania and them asked not to write about Jordan. I hear Khan was talking to Sam Kouvaris today. Khan was probably telling him the same thing too.

This will only get worse if the Jaguars don't put Palmer in the game now. After listening to Ballou this week, it's clear that if only 150 people show up to a free practice. If free is low, then their will be a lot of empty seats come Week 1 when we play the Vikings at home.

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