2012 Summer Olympics: When Will Football Join The Games?

LONDON - JULY 12: General views of the Olympic Village at the Olympic Park on July 12, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)

Last week, during an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show hosted by Mike Florio, Roger Goodell said that football should "absolutely" be an Olympic sport.

Football is certainly gaining in popularity worldwide. Goodell stated that American-style football is played in 64 countries, up from 40 countries half a decade ago. But a main requirement to becoming an Olympic sport is to be recognized worldwide, and with the obvious dominance of the United States for generations, the International Olympic Committee may be less inclined these days to introduce a sport with limited global appeal.

But there is hope for football. BMX, gaining in popularity in the latter part of the 20th Century, began competing in the Sydney Olympics and after a century on the sidelines, golf will be resurrected as an Olympic sport in 2016.

Based on the trends of other sports that have achieved Olympic recognition, it is realistic to believe that football may become an Olympic sport in the 2064 Olympics.

So, with the London Olympics ending today, I thought it might be fun to imagine what the 2064 US Olympic Men's Football team would look like. Taking the current list of the top 100 NFL players of today, let’s see the status of this potential pool of players for the 43rd Olympiad!

NFL Ranking Player Position Current Team Status for 2064 Olympics
1 Rodgers, Aaron QB Packers Probably Deceased
2 Brees, Drew QB Saints Probably Deceased
3 Johnson, Calvin WR Lions Probably Deceased
4 Brady, Tom QB Patriots Probably Deceased
5 Revis, Darrelle CB Jets Probably Deceased
6 Ware, DeMarcus DE Cowboys Probably Deceased
7 Fitzgerald, Larry WR Cardinals Probably Deceased
8 Peterson, Adrian RB Vikings Probably Deceased
9 Ngata, Haloti DT Ravens Probably Deceased
10 Willis, Patrick LB 49ers Probably Deceased
11 Suggs, Terrell LB Ravens Probably Deceased
12 Jones-Drew, Maurice RB Jaguars Ineligible, Contract Dispute of 2012 Still Unresolved
13 Allen, Jared DE Vikings Probably Deceased
14 Graham, Jimmy TE Saints Probably Deceased
15 Johnson, Andre WR Texans Probably Deceased
16 Reed, Ed S Ravens Probably Deceased
17 Smith, Justin DE 49ers Probably Deceased
18 McCoy, LeSean RB Eagles Probably Deceased
19 Polamalu, Troy S Steelers Probably Deceased
20 Lewis, Ray LB Ravens Probably Deceased
21 Gronkowski, Rob TE Patriots Probably Deceased
22 Rice, Ray RB Ravens Probably Deceased
23 Welker, Wes WR Patriots Probably Deceased
24 Pierre-Paul, Jason DE Giants Probably Deceased
25 Foster, Arian RB Texans Probably Deceased
26 Peppers, Julius DE Bears Probably Deceased
27 Matthews, Clay LB Packers Probably Deceased
28 Gore, Frank RB 49ers Probably Deceased
29 Harrison, James LB Steelers Committed to Playing in 2064 Olympics
30 Roethlisberger, Ben QB Steelers Probably Deceased
31 Manning, Eli QB Giants Probably Deceased
32 Evans, Jahri G Saints Probably Deceased
33 Forte, Matt RB Bears Probably Deceased
34 Hali, Tamba DE Chiefs Probably Deceased
35 Smith, Steve WR Panthers Probably Deceased
36 Woodson, Charles CB Packers Probably Deceased
37 Jackson, Steven RB Rams Probably Deceased
38 Suh, Ndamukong DT Lions Out: Alzheimer's.
39 Cruz, Victor WR Giants Probably Deceased
40 Newton, Cam QB Panthers Probably Deceased
41 Stafford, Matthew QB Lions Probably Deceased
42 Peters, Jason T Eagles Probably Deceased
43 Davis, Vernon TE 49ers Probably Deceased
44 Babin, Jason DE Eagles Probably Deceased
45 Leach, Vonta FB Ravens Probably Deceased
46 Bailey, Champ CB Broncos Probably Deceased
47 Wallace, Mike WR Steelers Probably Deceased
48 Hester, Devin WR Bears Probably Deceased
49 Pouncey, Maurkice C Steelers Probably Deceased
50 Manning, Peyton QB Broncos Out. Surgery to fuse head to 10th vertebrae pending.
51 Urlacher, Brian LB Bears Probably Deceased
52 Miller, Von LB Broncos Probably Deceased
53 Gonzalez, Tony TE Falcons Probably Deceased
54 Cushing, Brian LB Texans Probably Deceased
55 Peterson, Patrick CB Cardinals Probably Deceased
56 Jennings, Greg WR Packers Probably Deceased
57 Cole, Trent DE Eagles Probably Deceased
58 Vilma, Jonathan LB Saints Probably Deceased
59 Long, Jake T Dolphins Probably Deceased
60 McFadden, Darren RB Raiders Probably Deceased
61 Rivers, Philip QB Chargers Probably Deceased
62 Tuck, Justin DE Giants Out. Currently ambassador to Azerbaijan.
63 Woodley, LaMarr DE Steelers Probably Deceased
64 Mankins, Logan G Patriots Probably Deceased
65 White, Roddy WR Falcons Probably Deceased
66 Thomas, Earl S Seahawks Probably Deceased
67 Staley, Joe T 49ers Probably Deceased
68 Dumervil, Elvis DE Broncos Probably Deceased
69 Rogers, Carlos CB 49ers Probably Deceased
70 Vick, Michael QB Eagles Probably Deceased
71 Jackson, DeSean WR Eagles Probably Deceased
72 Briggs, Lance LB Bears Probably Deceased
73 Joseph , Johnathan CB Texans Out. Unable to trade night shift at Arby's with Karen.
74 Flacco, Joe QB Ravens Probably Deceased
75 Witten, Jason TE Cowboys Probably Deceased
76 Nicks, Carl G Buccaneers Probably Deceased
77 Green, A.J. WR Bengals Probably Deceased
78 Johnson, Derrick LB Chiefs Probably Deceased
79 Crow, Alfie ASS SB Nation Definitely Deceased
80 Nelson, Jordy WR Packers Probably Deceased
81 Wilfork, Vince DT Patriots Probably Deceased
82 Thomas, Joe T Browns Probably Deceased
83 Jackson, Fred RB Bills Probably Deceased
84 Long, Chris DE Rams Probably Deceased
85 Bowman, NaVorro LB 49ers Probably Deceased
86 Sproles, Darren RB Saints Probably Deceased
87 Fletcher, London LB Redskins Probably Deceased
88 Turner, Michael RB Falcons Probably Deceased
89 Freeney, Dwight DE Colts Probably Deceased
90 Nicks, Hakeem WR Giants Raptured, 2024
91 Romo, Tony QB Cowboys Raptured, 2024
92 Kuhn, John FB Packers Raptured, 2024
93 Finnegan, Cortland CB Rams Raptured, 2024
94 Lynch, Marshawn RB Seahawks Raptured, 2024
95 Tebow, Tim QB Jets Alive and Livid
96 Jackson, D'Qwell LB Browns Raptured, 2024
97 Penn, Donald T Buccaneers Raptured, 2024
98 McGahee, Willis RB Broncos Raptured, 2024
99 Kalil, Ryan C Panthers Raptured, 2024
100 Johnson, Chris RB Titans Retired/Still Consulting Jones-Drew on Hold Out


Guess it might be more realistic to revisit this list in 2061.

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