Maurice Jones-Drew: Trade Scenario #3

With the reports of Jones-Drew and the Jaguars Front Office being in "constant contact" since the off season, I've become very suspicious that a trade is looming. Jones-Drew will play this year; he may be willing to part with a large chunk of change in fines, but regular season games are quite a bit more.

Perhaps MJD is unconcerned about the fines because he is comfortable with the idea that whatever team trades for him knows he's going to want to be paid. After all, if MJD has two solid years left, and potentially more, I could see a team willing to give him a big check and the guaranteed money he is looking for. Maybe he's been in constant contact working with the FO on what his expectations/wish list details are in the event of a trade. You don't do that for every player, but I think a player like MJD deserves input if we get similar offers.

I like Jennings, and I think he has a deceptively high ceiling, but I'm not going to sit here and tell you he'd fill Jones-Drew's shoes, nor am I going to promise that he will be the long term starter from this year going forward, though he appears to have those qualities.

All of this begs the question, who would be willing to trade for the 7 year veteran, even if he was the leagues leading rusher in 2011? We continue with the 3rd in a series of 6 possible scenarios. If you missed out, you can find the 1st and 2nd scenarios here and here.

Team: Washington Redskins

What we get: 2013 2nd round, 2013 5th round, Conditional 2014 3rd round picks

Why the Redskins would trade: The Redskins' Motus Operandi is not too different from that of a 13 year old playing franchise mode in Madden. Most teams wouldn't dare make a trade like this when they are already down 2 first round picks in the next two years, but the Redskins are a special case. I've spoken to many Redskins fans this summer, and they feel like they really have something with their pass rushers, receivers (which are IMO very overrated) and rookie Quarterback Robert Griffen. Again, we find a case of a young quarterback with no running back to lean on. While guys like Tim Hightower and Rey Helu are serviceable, neither will be capable of bailing RGIII out of tough spots or capable of playing to maintain a lead. Like the Jaguars, the Redskins have had a lot of problems keeping their offensive line healthy. Coach Shannihan is a coach who values a strong offensive line, and could rate MJD's pass blocking very high in this decision. Weapons for RGIII has still got to be the top priority in D.C.

Why the Jags would trade: Perhaps the Jags don't want to play against Maurice Jones-Drew unless absolutely necessary, and who could blame them? In the NFC East, we're likely to only have to play him once in the next 6 years unless preseason/Superbowl. This trade would render far less value than perhaps another offer, but also have the biggest chance (in my opinion) of ending up closer to the top of each round. Also, the Redskins do have a trading history with the Jags, moving back from 10th to 16th overall in 2011 for a second rounder (the trade that we used to draft Blaine Gabbert, by the way).

Why MJD would go there: Robert Griffen is impressive, and the offense as a whole has a lot of room for surprise. The Redskins defense is a great unit with headlining pass rushers. The NFC east will provide a lot of spotlight, and big, full stadiums. If MJD is looking for spotlight or a team willing to roll over for his demands, the Redskins are that team.

Why not?: The Redskins may actually value their draft picks enough to hold on to them, or the offer may be too stingy. Jones-Drew may be apprehensive to go to a team with a rookie Quarterback and no star wide receiver (as he's very familiar with that situation).

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